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  1. Sound like a lot of fun- until it's not! 😐 Last year I took a driving course at Porsche Experience Center in LA - it was great getting to drive such a small and low car (911 C4S w/PDK), and having the freedom of a consequence-free closed track to explore the car's limits. I would similarly describe the 911 as having go kart like handling. Next time I go I'd like to try a mid engine rwd car (manual Cayman GTS) to see the handling differences between the two setups (over/understeer, recovery maneuvers, etc). Would love to get a smaller two door to have fun with, but the V70 just keeps on ticking and I can't justify getting rid of it. Looking forward to seeing how you repair and improve the X1/9.
  2. Wow, yeah. Very glad it wasn't worse though! @lookforjoeHow does the car handle in general? Pretty predictable, or is it a wild child?
  3. Laminate really has come a long way and as much as I love to hate it, it is a good choice for a lot of applications. We have laminate upstairs and oak downstairs (wtf?) and the laminate still looks brand new. It predates us, so it's at least 5 years old. The oak could use a refinishing at this point although it's unrivaled in its warmth. If you like wood, nothing beats the real thing. If you don't really care, then laminate makes a lot more sense. I think it gets a bad rap because it tries to be emulate wood, usually not very well. Especially if it's a sheet product as opposed to plank laminate.
  4. My 2yo likes to play in the Volvo which surprisingly leads to me having more time to work on it. Didn't really have much to do today so I started lubing up hinges, locks, etc. Boring, but this seems like a pretty good time to tackle the boring stuff. The biggest difference was how easily the side mirrors now move with a little oil. They went from stiff and clunky to easy and smooth. I haven't done all of the items below...and I don't have Volvo teflon, but whatever... http://new.volvocars.com/ownersdocs/1999/1999_sv70/99sv70_120.htm
  5. Dropped in a wooden steering wheel from a C70 (I think) over the weekend. Was straightforward thanks to Robert DIY's video. Now I just need a wooden shift knob...anyone? Or, any info on converting a S40 shift knob to work in a P80?
  6. Agreed. Looks awesome!
  7. A couple years ago (after not having any accidents for about a decade) I was involved in three non-fault accidents in the span of about 6 months. While none of them were very serious the experience definitely made me a more cautious driver- I think the repeated feeling of getting into an accident really imprinted into brain. It was weird...and not the good kind of weird.
  8. Wow, this sure beats laying under a car that's up on ramps on a sloped driveway in the dark! 🙂
  9. @lookforjoe It’s so nice to see you back in the machine shop making and modifying stuff. The photos of your fabrication skills now account for about 2/3 of my enjoyment of this site...
  10. Took her surfing in Malibu. Canyon roads are so nice with no traffic...
  11. When I was first learning to drive my grandpa took me out in his 71 mustang, in which I had a similar oh shit moment. Lost all braking power while at speed. He talked me through quickly downshifting, and while it wasn't a close call it certainly could have been if our luck was worse! Not trying to repeat that! I just ordered braided lines for my V70 from FCP as a result of this post. Thanks for the reminder!
  12. I honestly thought this place had finally bitten the dust...
  13. Spotted a super clean V70R heading westbound on the 10 freeway in Los Angeles this afternoon. Lowered, wheels, wing, jewels, etc. Thought it was my car for a split second. These cars look so slick great without roof racks (but I'm not taking mine off!)
  14. It’s the long wheelbase option. Very rare.
  15. Nice wagon. Google just recently updated streetview at my place and caught the T5. The old streetview still had my FJ60 LandCruiser which I sold a while back, which I miss! Nothing made the T5 feel faster than driving the FJ around for a while...
  16. I could be interested in some stuff. I still have my silver wagon - it's in good shape but I may be interested in some bits and pieces. Sorry about the divorce but congrats about the kid. I had one too last year, being a dad is awesome.
  17. Installed a manual boost controller, per the diagram in the thread below. Not sure why I didn't do this years ago. Prior to this, I've never had a rock solid boost "cap" - I would get spikes if I wasn't careful. I think the highest I ever saw was around 25psi. This was regardless of which tune I had in at the time. I halfheartedly tried troubleshooting it on and off for a while, and just recently I installed a Hallman ES. Install was about 15 minutes, and over the last week I've been tweaking it to get my max boost right at 18psi (per ARD Blue tune). I'll continue keeping an eye on it, but it seems pretty solid so far. I don't have to keep an eye on the gauge anytime I'm really getting on it - I can just relax and mash it. This little addition has given me a lot of peace of mind - I'd recommend it to anyone who is dealing with spikes they can't otherwise figure out.
  18. Just picked up a 2009 Infiniti FX50S. Got tired of driving a 20yo stick shift Volvo wagon in LA traffic. Now I get to sit in traffic wishing I could put the 390hp V8 to better use... Anyway, it's awesome :)
  19. If you can't find someone, be careful when selecting options if you do go ahead and buy a report. I just bought a report the other day, and I didn't notice it defaults to three reports for $99, which I unwittingly purchased. Then I had to explain, wait for a partial refund, etc etc.