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  1. Had a gift cert to Amazon so I picked these up. We'll see about their quality, but it says they're designed to not cut into silicone hoses. 50 bucks for all of these delivered. McMaster-Carr has some interesting choices for clamps but they're expensive...
  2. No wobble bolts. Got the idea for the wheels from Rich Wagstaff's S70. I think he or his brother was also the owner of the V70 above.
  3. Indeed, 5 x 110 bolts right up. I assume this goes the other way too (Volvo wheels on a Saab) but I can't confirm that. Watch the offsets too.
  4. 10mm H&R in the rear, 5mm up front, but they are strictly spacers, not adapters. The Saab wheels are plug n' play. Bummer about the radiator but glad that no one was hurt. My FJ60 fell off the jacks recently, thankfully no damage, being the beast that it is...
  5. Installed the Zeitronix Zt-3 datalogger, wideband, and AFR gauge. Tuning with TMM9 can now begin in earnest. Also caught this little girl looking at me when I was under my car in darkness except a headlamp. Nearly jumped out of my skin.
  6. Has this been posted? Claude Lelouch - C'était un rendez-vous http://vimeo.com/88309465 * Says it can't be watched here but it'll open up in a new window.
  7. 3k, put it up on ebay a few days ago. We'll see...
  8. Just put her up for sale.
  9. 22re, 5 speed, 4wd, running boards won't last through the week.
  10. Latest purchase, should take some of the weight off of the V70 as the daily driver.
  11. Yeah, I love my ISM for tri's, when I'm hunched over and only sitting on the edge of the saddle. Definitely prefer it over my Selle tri saddle. The multi-prong approach is solid, but keeps you hunched over. It's difficult to sit up straight on it, should you ever want to.
  12. When it rains it pours. Earlier this afternoon, southbound on the 5/405, just south of LA. Note the quad exhaust. I passed and was passed by him about 5 times, but he never looked over.
  13. Friday, 09/27: White 850 wagon, northbound on the 5 outside of San Fran. Near the 5/580 split. Had rims and driver's side mirror was red.
  14. There they sit, collecting dust while the V70 undergoes her transformation. 18T, R-mani, OBX dp, hubs, axles, fluids, etc. Much more fun than triathlons...