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  1. Oh sweet lord. You've not decided on black? Thank god. Make them gold. Look at my wheels. Look at your wheels. Look at my wheels again. Then go get them painted gold because it looks amazing.
  2. I went to Johnson's Volvo and picked up a SECOND front top strut brace, because the first was 20mm out. Somehow, despite seemingly being identical. The second bar, with the first set of brackets (which deformed as I torqued them down yesterday so I kinda felt honour bound to use), fit. Here's what I was looking at yesterday; With the N/S (LHS for Americans) bolted up, looking at the O/S (RHS) With the O/S bolted on, and both brackets bolted to the bar to try to get a read on how far out it was; Erm, yeah, so that one was about 20mm out. No idea wtf was going on there, because I got a second bar this afternoon, brought it home and compared them. Everything visually seems identical, yet the first bar wouldn't fit either with the car flat or with the O/S (RHS) jacked, but the second bar would. So, I guess... the first may have been bent slightly straighter in transit maybe? Then somehow bent itself back while I measured them at exactly the same and then bent itself back just before I tried to fit it? I've literally got nothing, but anyway, the first set of brackets and the second bar together worked. What this all boils down to is I fitted a strut brace. Here's a photo. It's not very good, I took it on my phone.
  3. I love my Quadra satchel. It's both Indiana Jones-ish and Roland Deschain-ish, and it's been very practical and useful for four years. Back on topic, my latest purchase; Spent several weeks looking for OBX/TRD/IPD strut braces and beng disappointed that nobody made a RHD one. Then I discovered that Volvo themselves offer a factory option strut brace for the P80. $90. Furthermore, if I'd narrowed my search terms on eBay, I'd have discovered Ultra Racing, who make every possible brace for the 850 for what seems like a reasonable price. Fairly sure that was a dunce moment. That lasted several weeks.
  4. Refitted my newly refurbished Amaltheas, goddamn expensive H&R extended wheel bolts, and 15mm hubcentrics on the rear to stop rubbing and sort stance. Dead chuffed with how they look.
  5. This. Finally got round to looking at them to work out why someone had cable tied one of my washer jet lines off, turned out the nipple had snapped off the washer jet. Little things, but pleasing to be fixing them.
  6. Ditto those for my R, plus these. In order to do the 302mm upgrade when I service my brakes next week, and these; In order to fit these. And in the last couple of weeks I have really spoilt myself and have upgraded my camera kit, by buying these; There's admittedly a certain irony in posting an unfocused photograph of professional quality camera kit...
  7. Decided that as yesterday was my birthday I would make it the 850's too, so I'd give her some attention. Fitted my IPD 8mm ignition leads, that was fine, except for dropping my 5mm allen bit down underneath the turbo and then wedging it irremovably between the turbo and the engine mount. Spent roughly half an hour f**king about trying to rescue it before deciding balls to it, I'll buy another one and just leave that one down there. Then I tried to fit my new ba15 LED indicators, only to find that they don't fit in the back being that the 850 apparently uses the offset pin ba15s in the back, and in the front they did fit, but they were too dim because of course the front indicators are clear bulbs and a subtle tangoed unit, so with the slightly dimmer amber light from the amber LED through the amber filter in the unit it was dim. So that was a bust. Then I tried to fit my 15mm wheel spacers on the back since the new m12 wheel bolts arrived. Only to find when they wouldn't thread more than a single loop, upon measuring them, that Volvo used 1.75mm thread pitched m12s. Unlike almost every other wheel bolt on the market. So that was a bust too, and I need to buy hellish expensive 50mm shanked wheel bolts from IPD. $116 to get 20 of them out here to S/W UK. :-/ On the up side, I figured I was going to be stuck with the 1.5mm threaded bolts I have here, but I posted on FB and one of my friends replied saying that yes, he needed some of those.
  8. Stroke of luck yesterday; I walked into the scrapyard intending to pinch a door stay latch from the faded red 850 wagon I knew to be still in there, and was immediately confronted with an emerald green 850 wagon in reasonable nick atop a toyota just inside the gates. With the right interior. And a non rusty bootlid. And a non smashed front bumper. So I somehow wedged this in my toolbox; And I had the front bumper valence off to use while I try to fibreglass my horribly smashed R bumper. Bye bye beaten, broken, and battered to buggery, hello boring but better. I also found a couple of fobs in the green 850 wag in the yard and half inched them, but neither of them work, despite coming from a '95 car, and I have somehow messed up the programming on my original fob, so I'll have to figure that out. Also, in my excitement, I forgot the stay latch. However, I am going back next week after I have been paid, for the bootlid, to replace my rusty one with, so I'll grab it then.
  9. Little touches, but they make a difference. V70/S70 olive green door handles to colour coordinate and to de-lock simply and tidily. God that needed doing. And yes, this being England, it's throwing it down. :-/
  10. Ahhhh. D'y'know, I don't think I've ever seen a 14 with that splitter on. I basically want to get a standard 850 bumper and a nice looking rubber splitter, as a more forgiving alternative to my smashed R bumper over the bumpy tracks around here, so am looking for options.
  11. The S14a Touring? That bay looks awesome. *Edit* Also, may have been too busy looking at the wagon to notice the Vulcan then for a good two minutes. :-/
  12. What splitter is that, Claymore? Looks like Espace with the fins cut out? And when you say 'upgrade'...?
  13. Sorted out the tyres on the other wheels, and fitted my new Pro Sport coilovers. Ride's pretty firm but not so far as to be unpleasant, and far, FAR better than the Spax springs and knackered old Sachs shocks that were on her. Please excuse crappy phone cam pics, I'll be getting some with the DSLR when the weather's a bit better.