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  1. Very lowered White V70 (r? t5?) with black wheels and dark tints. Headlights and Tail lights smoked too (I think) and exhaust system for sure. Rolled by my house in the middle of the sticks in Tolland Ct. While I was looking out the window while taking a Marketing Final lol.
  2. White first gen c70 with black canistos. Seen in manchester and tolland ct.
  3. Dark Grey V70 2nd gen with pegs, hids and blue europlate at Manchester Community College.
  4. Most weirdest/ unexpected thing you'll ever watch. lol
  5. Silver V50 with bronze wheels and euro plate on front
  6. Silver S70 with wheels, exhaust, tints, etc... In Tolland Ct. Who art thou?
  8. Sittin pretty..... (Wish I have $ for wheels)