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  1. I havent considered anything yet. The HID i have now sucks and wanted to upgrade to 55 watt. I definately will look into Whelen
  2. In the last year... 1995 850 Turbo .. Head gasket replacement, oil cooler lines, Japan exhaust manifold, valve stem seals . Future: Fix stuck hood passenger lock, replace current 35 watt hid with 55 watt, exhaust, parking brake cable 1998 s70 t5se .. oil cooler lines, radiator, radio lights, dash lights, ignition lock, front door locks, 1 parking brake cable, sas delete, signal cancel Future: Abs... again, cabin sensor, 1fog light wiring, a/c, timing belt, evap diag
  3. A man is in hospital and may lose one of his eyes after being hit by a police Taser over the weekend in Toronto. The province's Special Investigations Unit has been called in to review the incident. SIU spokesman Frank Phillips said Toronto officers were called to the scene of a domestic dispute in the St. Clair and Dufferin area on Saturday morning. Phillips said a man who left the scene was confronted by police along St. Clair Avenue. "The male was quite agitated [and] had been drinking. The officers on scene requested a sergeant attend the scene, and after further interaction with this gentleman, the sergeant deployed the Taser. And one of the probes struck the man in the eye.… we're treating this as a serious injury," said Phillips. The Taser's hook-like prongs embedded in the man's eye and then delivered a blast of electricity.
  4. The cop should be fired and charged with assault. THe cop obviously was having a bad day and was extremely rude. The cop didnt answer simple questions. The cop left the guy on the road handcuffed to be run over. The cop car blocked the view to the TEMP 40mph sign. The cop was probably going the same speed also. In ontario the police never ask you to sign a ticket. They just issue it and its upto you to follow thru with court/payment or whatever.
  5. great! Then I'm 100% in. Let me know when you need the payment. Thanks.
  6. put me down for 5mm and 15mm spacers and the required lugs. will they ship to canada? Who is shipping them, the supplier?