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  1. Found a Yakima Viper rack on Craigslist
  2. $1500... and I've already learned about doing stupid things. Here's the aftermath of me going big on a chute yesterday: The fork's not damaged either. It's just writing on it (Rock Shox Revelation 426) Depends on a lot of things, this one's easily worth $1500 because it's a full custom build with good components and everything is serviced and in great shape. XL frame because I'm 6'3"
  3. 08 Yeti 575 XL full custom build including brand new XT drivetrain. Got to shred it yesterday afternoon and I'm stoked on it!
  4. Got something good coming up...
  5. Not in recent history. My bigger concern right now is needing biking shorts. It can get... uncomfortable... on a 2 hour ride.
  6. Couple random pics from yesterday
  7. Finally got around to cleaning my Rockhopper yesterday...