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  1. Okay... time to throw my hat into this ring. I'm not a fan of the new format, but I seriously doubt that the mods of this site made the decision to move to it frivolously. Maybe it was the scams, maybe it was to increase site revenue, maybe it was some other back-office decision point I don't know or care about. I'll deal with it, because it's better than nothing. Maybe I'll post stuff up on other forums too or on eBay instead of just throwing it on VS and waiting for it to move, but I'll still try to work with this site however it's configured. If the site gets a few pennies of the final
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    That's pretty sweet, but our 30mm shells make better shot glasses :)
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  4. Bump. All this stuff is still sitting around in my garage... only the silicone hoses and BBK are sold. Someone was saying they were going to buy the suspension components (got all the way to "send me your paypal address, I'll pay you today"), but after loading the darn box in the back of my wife's SUV and letting her drive it around for a month, I've completely given up on that. Anyways, BUY THIS STUFF! -Jon Oh, the list is in the very first post. Don't bother asking for pictures... all of the items are self-explanatory anyways, and if I didn't take pictures before I left, how do you t
  5. The brackets that IPD sells are for mounting Porsche calipers and S60R FRONT rotors to the FRONT wheels of a P1 car. IPD's brackets are made by CJ, who ALSO makes brackets for mounting S60R REAR calipers and S60R REAR rotors to the REAR wheels of a P1 car. Correct me if I'm wrong... -Jon Your sig picture is waaaaaaaaaay cooler than mine -J
  6. I hereby retract said PM... it was hard enough convincing the wife that I needed an LSD for a car I wasn't even going to be driving for almost a year, but trying to squeeze out a big brake kit from her a couple weeks later proved to be the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. I love my car... but I'd rather not have to sleep in it when I finally get home Thanks anyways, Boomin.... -Jon
  7. There are adapters made for both the front AND rear S60R brakes to fit to the P1 chassis... if you SEARCH enough you will find them on this site. This is a very tempting offer, Boomin'... I would like to go with the S60R front and rear on my '99 C70, but I'd like to use EST's performance 2-piece rotors rather than the stock ones. Of course, that'd bring the grand total up to around 3 large, and by that time you're in the same ballpark as a front and rear Rocketeer or WP Pro setup. What to do... what to do.... -Jon
  8. Given the directional loading and material used to make the brackets, I think that they would suffice just fine. If they were aluminum... hell no! Anyways, if you decide you need to part with those R calipers (front, rear, or both) just drop me a PM and I'll take them off your hands -Jon
  9. Thought I saw a post a few weeks ago regarding a bracket to mount the FRONT R calipers to 850 & 70 series volvos. Perhaps a SEARCH would yield some results? -Jon
  10. Hardy har har My dad is driving the car while I'm gone, so he'll need the pod! -Jon I'm sure it would... I've just got to get rid of this stuff and I'd rather have a VS member get it. -Jon Silicone hoses are SOLD. -Jon
  11. Ha! That's a definite maybe. We'll see how much fundage I get from the wife when I get back! Bump, by the way... all prices are best offer, nothing is sold yet. -Jon