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  1. Sorry I’ve been MIA. Looks good! Definitely worth the investment! Wow and now I see the horror... good to see you’re in good spirits. Looking forward to the direction you go from here..
  2. I tapped off every other line in the clear and painted them, then cleared the whole lights. Took it off for a cleaner look, for now.
  3. BMW Style 74’s. Follow me on IG: dc087 I won’t flood this thread with my car
  4. I used blackfire wax brand and it put an incredible depth to my paint and has served excellent protection. It’s been on two years and I will redo it this year, not sure which brand I will go with this time. All though the pearl is less noticeable now.
  5. Time for ceramic coating 👍🏼 I’d love to see this in person with a good buff/polish and coat.
  6. Came with Koni Yellows, Eibachs up front and 600# rated in the rear.
  7. I would have to disagree on the coilover/winter statement. I live in WI and I've had kaplhenke's for four years, adjusting them twice a year, without the slightest issue. A good coat of silicon spare when installed and never-seize every time I adjust them.
  8. Cliche graffiti backdrop