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  1. Well, with the p-part bin hack and the LDR KFP2 and LRD P-part set to 0 I will def. try it. It should be much easier and straight forward to have target boost by playing only with the TCV duty cycle.
  2. I woke up this morning and though about this and remember, hummm I write a lot of things that are not ok. I was so tired yesterday night that I messed up some thoughts. For example the 100% TCV duty cycle is wrong. Is more really low duty cycle, and some more assumptions are not ok too. So, the way I said will not work definitely! Yes joe, I'm affraid the EBC would go crazy with this. Yes I know (and that's why the idea was to use it in some gears, not every one), but everybody says it sucks. When I have all set I can maybe give a try with messing with the M4.4 boost control.
  3. Hum, I see. And the rpm boost features worked? EDIT: I've been thinking. And what about using an EBC with only rpm feature (forget gear/speed feature) + the stock TCV in a row. Here's some crazy idea: 1. EBC solenoid input would be connected to compressor and output to stock TCV input 2. Stock TCV output connect to WG (and fresh air too) 3. Configure EBC to reduce boost below 3000rpm 3. On the TCV duty cycle map put some really high duty cyle (probably 100% or closer) 4. Use the configbyte for gear boost dependent to use the ECU gear boost dependent feature. I have doubts here. What values to use to reduce boost only in 1st and 2nd gear? 5. Play with the boost pressure reduction to achieve lower boost levels in 1st and 2nd. I have doubts here. Which map(s) really define the boost reduction by gear (if any) and it reduces duty cycle or other thing that leads to reduce boost (i dont see what might be that thing)? In theory this would allow the TCV to flow whatever the EBC wants (due to the TCV 100% duty cyle) in gears with no boost reduction and in these gears EBC would have fully control of boost in low and high rpm. The other hand, in boost reductions gears, the EBC would also limit boost in lower rpms (<3000) but in higher rpms the stock TCV would be in full control of boost and will reduce boost according to the wanted reduction -> this would allow to have lower boost througout all the rpm range when in lower gears. Notice that the EBC duty cycle would be 100% in higher rpms because would try to increase boost and couldn't because stock TCV would be limiting it. The other hand, TCV would have fully boost input and would limit output boost to the WG. Hum, some crazy idea. I don't know if it would work and if EBC would behave well this way. Some thoughts about these? Crazy, I know...
  4. So, I wonder now what my options really are if apexi will give me problems. I want boost by gear and rpm once 18/19psi in 1st gear will not be good at all to traction and 18/19psi under 3000rpm neither will be good. The greddy oled has not that feature right?
  5. As far as I'm informed about the way apexi avc-r works, I think there's no gear judge input wiring. The avc-r will judge gear with the rpm and speed ECU inputs. Am I right? Did you get gear judge from abs? Didn't understand that part really, sorry.
  6. Thank you. I'll check it. Do you believe these green giant would do? http://www.ebay.com/itm/6pc-Green-Giant-Fuel-Injector-fits-Bosch-42-lb-hr-Chevy-Motorsport-Racing-440cc-/171101056715 I am looking at these because they are the cheaper ones I've found so far even though it is a 6 piece set.
  7. Thank you joe. I'm thinking about runing an Apexi AVC-R. I read somewhere in the forum you already had this one and it failed once or twice over 1 year or so. Am I right? Do you know what was the cause of such failure? Are you using the rev5b_p-part bin? I know the stock TCV must remain connected to the harness but I wonder why do we have (do we??) to change the TCV duty cyle map (did you put it 100% all map?) if ECU will not control boost. It is to avoid that cel you said? How did you stopped that cel? Sorry for the bunch of questions but at this point there are more questions than answers for me. By the way I will need another maf or a bigger housing. I am already maxing my maf out a lot. By my calculations (340bhp target power) I should need about 270g/s so the S90/960 maf should do the work. Just need to search for the maf scaling. I saw here a file with diference maf voltage to kg/hr (850maf, 960maf etc) scales but I still don't know if the 960 scale will work -> I just need to read this whole thread but it takes time To be safe I think I will need bigger injectors than the blue ones so I am thinking about the giant greens. Just need to find the injector constant and the voltage opening times. Do you something about these ones?
  8. I guess I understood (at least partially) the function of the p-part bin (it allows to set the target load map along with the tcv duty cyle map and the LDR P-part map in other to get boost under control). However, if I run an EBC shouldn't be the boost related maps irrelevant for me? What I want to know if there is something I need to do related to boost maps when runing an EBC. Will the ECU do something behind us regarding fuel/timing etc if not controling boost? Once fuel is added in respect of load/rpm/MAF values and timing in respect of load&rpm and knock detection, it seems the ECU don't mind if it is not controling boost. Am I right? Anyone using an EBC along with this?
  9. Another question, running an EBC along with the M4.4 will require to somehow disable boost control on the ECU (if possible, through some code or something) or there is no problem with that? I wonder if the ECU will mess with fuel/timing when it's not in control of boost. Someone can give me some input on this?
  10. I've just ordered the first one from my last post.
  11. I would for sure if I was from US. Once I am not the shipping cost is simply too high so I'm looking for alternatives from Ebay UK. I know it is a cheap one, so what about these ones? Both mentions they are FT232RL chipset. Should work no? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TUNE-ECU-DIAGNOSTIC-INTERFACE-CABLE-TRIUMPH-KTM-APRILIA-BIKE-TUNEECU-/360467533764?pt=UK_Diagnostic_Tools_Equipment&hash=item53ed8a0fc4 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FIAT-ALFA-MULTIECUSCAN-FIATECUSCAN-VAG-KKL-COM-USB-LEAD-/171175321531?pt=UK_Diagnostic_Tools_Equipment&hash=item27dad81fbb
  12. Hello all! I'm start thinking about going into this whole M4.4 tuning world. I've already the Tunerpro RT and I've been searching and reading a lot on this thread and other info (unfortunately I didn't have the time to read all this magnific thread but I will do for sure!). For start I still have a bunch of questions to clarify my understanding but I will put them at the apropriate time. To start I've some basic questions: 1. Is there something I should be aware of when using the 608 bin once I have an european car? Having a 97/98 S70R my original bin is a 611. I read here someone saying had an european car and had problems with the 608bin, namely tank pressure sensor codes etc. I know some diagnosis are disable now (for example the tank pressure). So, should I worry about something or at this point all those issues were already addressed and the 608bin is fully usable in all M4.4 cars? 2. Is this vagcom cable going to work? (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VAGCOM-USB-KKL-409-1-Cable-For-Volkswagen-AUDI-OBD2-OBDII-Car-Diagnostic-scanner-/201039704122?pt=UK_Diagnostic_Tools_Equipment&hash=item2ecee6703a) It says it has FTDI chipset but it doesn't mention which. In M4.4 wikia talks about a specific one -> FT232RL