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  1. Last gen xc90's are a bargain. pretty hard to find anything with 3 rows that's sub 20k without a ton of miles.
  2. 2010 so first year.. only thing i really had to do with it maintenance wise other then sparkplugs etc., was i did a front end refresh.. replaced control arms and i had a torn cv axle so i replaced the drive axle as well. i think i did that around 110k.
  3. i had an xc60 with the 3.2 before getting the new s60.. that was a great motor, had to do very little to it maintenance wise (loved that timing chain design)
  4. I'll probably stick around, this is already better then swedespeed.
  5. for people who still use this forum.. i'm back bois
  6. \ there's a shot of the front with the eibachs... you can see my fender liner ripped to pieces..
  7. I ran eibachs/koni yellows back in the day, the drop was impressive.. one of the lowest of the time, and actually the ride was pretty good. It did ride like a truck if you had the yellow's set to full stiff, tried all the settings and ended up at full soft. The car though given what it was handled pretty well
  8. Don't worry I kept them... just like a little bling but want to keep O.E appearances.
  9. Got some 19's for her, took this last night after adding some rear spacers. The car needs to be dropped desperately now.
  10. Oh I'm sorry I just looked back over the photos, I was under the impression you cut the big square out with the metal bung attached and cut a square hole, then JB welded the exposed plastic.. Not tapped the hole and used a new fitting with the JB weld only securing the MAP into place and not actually keeping it sealed. If that even makes sense
  11. an oil pan and an intercooler end tank are apples and oranges here. Oil pan sees relatively low pressure compared to boost. If you see crank case pressure equivalent to what you're boosting you have much bigger problems to worry about then if your JB weld is holding. I'm sorry what?? Dynamic pressure? Why would it being flat over a small surface make it any less prone to failure in a system that has to maintain both vacuum and positive pressure?
  12. i've used JB weld on plastic end tanks before, don't get me wrong it will hold. But it was a temporary solution, the Oil that is thrown accumulates where ever there is any kind of crack/depression and it will wear down the plastic. Just seems like you're introducing a point of failure to the system, this is no longer fitting into a cast piece and you're pushing quite a bit of pressure at it. How did the stock solution mount in? was it threaded? I'm not being critical of your work or your solution it just surprised me this is what people opt to do when swapping intercoolers.