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  1. Finally got the deed after 5 months, so i guess its officially my latest purchase.
  2. easy demolish all multi occupancy bathrooms in public buildings, make several single occupancy place restrooms in their place xhe can piss all by xer self and be happu ,the economy gets $$$ from the renovation money from the bathrooms everyones happy makeamericaokayagain
  3. tldr this thread. Hoping for a Bloomberg run for the Independents.
  4. let me know how the new axle is and if there are any weird vibrations. Pretty sure I toasted the CV joint on mine too, and I am not gonna shell out $600 for a new axle from volvo
  5. but dont lie what rob did looked pretty good for a C70
  6. drove it gave it the beans realized I need rear camber bushings, or should hold out for adjustable rear control arms from PDV today was a good day
  7. yep. Also had a $44 credit from when the P2R exhaust was priced incorrectly, bring my total to $315.20
  8. Set of these: 25/28mm. Last one in stock.
  9. I was considering getting a 2010 V70 R design after Im done with the wagon, but then I realized the US only got the 3.2L engine option. Crappy engine in a nice package
  10. drove it to work gave it the beans parked it today was a good day
  11. Untitled by Bernie Clinton, on Flickr
  12. 3.5" coupler 3.5 OD to 3 OD reducer MAF connector RS4 MAF