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  1. On and off for the past week I've done trans flush, oil change, new expansion tank, plugs, wires, distributor, catch can install, a bunch of new vac lines, motor mount, ipd sub frame bushings, fixed shift knob, and made my own license plate mount for the front.
  4. Tough Mudder death
  9. Nice! Good thing you waited instead of that other one you were looking at.
  10. It's only Found it on another off topic car forum.
  11. NWS....
  12. Yep, that's the one. I think this one answers which one it's on. So if it's on the tune then it's a no no to have them flash that one, and I can't send the old one back since it's been "tampered" with, right? Thanks again for your help.
  13. Not sure. I just saw T5power's post of him deleting it. I'm not sure what was removed. It's still running a stock tune and I was planning on deleting it before I found out. Wasn't sure if the diode install was in the ecu itself or the wiring harness. Sorry if I come of as incompetent, electrical isn't my strong point.