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  1. Nice choice! Incredibly comfortable on a longer trip. Hopefully it does well in the snow tomorrow!
  2. These Avids really are not that bad! I have them on a rather heavy framed bike and they bite predictably and do not fade noticeably more than other setups I have ridden recently. That being said they are not terribly durable...
  3. image by brusse3, on Flickr Really enjoyed shooting with this on a trial basis last year and picked it up brand new on a smoking deal with mostly reward points.
  4. In my opinion, this is how V70s should be styled. Well done sir. (I may just be partial to the wheels though!)
  5. Finishing off the laundry/mud room remodel. It's sad the things you get excited about when you get older.
  6. Fun platform to start with. Glad to see the important bits are functioning. Can't wait to see the progress.
  7. $80 shipped with the 25ft extension hose from Home Depot.
  8. Combination of fitting a niche (pretty much same as yours [i have a larger unit* for the heavy stuff]) great sale, coupon, and positive reviews from Autopia. GPM is a little on the low side to really take the road film off (1.7 GPM is about the lowest I would go for true detailing) but it should remove all the abrasives so I can safely use a mit without worry. Probably going to use it tomorrow for the first time so I could let you know how it goes if you are really considering it. *thats what she said.
  9. Couldn't beat the price vs. GPM. Awesome when I only have one car to do and don't want to lug out the gas hog.