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  1. why cant i post a new topic? hopefully someone can answer this for me. Tim
  2. Sweden has a little better aftermarket. VMS motors are expensive. All of our aftermarket is expensive. Takes time. I know of one VMS that has pulled mid 11s and that was with safc tune. Excuses suck but good numbers are soon to come.
  3. Major modifications are the cause of allot of problems that arise due to power gains that result in more stress on parts that were not engineered for the stress. Void your warranty and you will be kicking yourself in the a$$. The volvo aftermarket is expensive! If you dont have 1k$ to spend and you cant fab parts your self injectors shouldn't even be a thought. You will learn tickets suck and wrecking your car sucks even worse! A 350 hp car and a new driver are a combination that can have serious life threatening results in a blink of an eye. Enjoy the nice car you have and be safe with it!