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  1. Why is it now so difficult to post a for sale item? Last time I did it was a good while ago (and it was a piece of cake). I recently bought an R that I want to send to the crusher (minus some parts). Thought some folks could use some of the stuff. I went to post a for sale ad but discovered it was now far too difficult to do it anymore. Have to open an account, post an auction, blah blah blah. Why again? Not progress IMHO.
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  3. Word of warning, on my car everything began crashing at 90-100k miles. The car was dealer serviced till 78k so it was not an obvious ticking bomb. Same year and engine as the one you are looking at but in a wagon. I would be hesitant to pay the money unless all sorts of little things are in verifiably fine condition. You will likely need new front suspension components soon - my car needed everything, you should factor in a rear main seal unless they can prove it was done recently, factor in possible a/c troubles, potential issues with the head gasket, turbo hoses, heater hoses, fuel pump, etc... The normal maintenance items on the car will eat you alive. Just replacing ignition parts, timing components, motor mounts, etc. adds up pretty quickly. The 100k area will probably require an extra few thousand in additional items that are worn out. I bought my car for $4700 a few years ago and have probably spent nearly as much on parts in the last few years (and performed the work myself - so free labor). While that car looks pretty clean, it looks like a $3500-$3700 car to me. It wouldn't be tough to buy an S70 that is several years newer for the same money. I see them all the time from $4k-$7k around here. Good luck, it is a fun car to drive when it is running well.
  4. This is preventatiive. Doing so would have definitely saved me a lot of grief. Check your coolant hoses, the heater hoses going to the firewall, and the little hoses attached to the turbo intercooler piping (one is near where the heater hoses attach, the other on the end of the piping near the reservoir). If the heater hoses are soft or the other hoses have expanded (originally they are just a tad larger than fuel line), I would replace them all. Shouldn't cost but about $50 (FCP) and will possibly save you some headaches down the road. Might throw in upper/lower radiator hoses and expansion tank hoses if you are feeling really frisky. This is fresh on my mind as one of these just popped and left me nearly stranded on a West Texas highway. No big deal, it was only 105 degrees outside. Might also throw a spare radiator cap in your trunk, these crack without warning. I also have an ECT sensor in my trunk, these seem to break on me every once in a while. I noticed that relacing motor mounts became an issue quite frequently before replacing the struts and mounts. These are pretty soft and don't take the extra abuse when the struts aren't working 100%. I'd recommend replacing with rubber parts (not silicone) unless you like to feel the engine in the cabin. Might consider replacement of the PCV system to help avoid a rear main seal leak. Good luck!