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  1. Jeezus, *what* is going on here???
  2. I suggested that if you run a hotter coil (like the MSD Blaster), then better plug wires are needed. Oem Bougicord or Magnecor are fine for stock ignition. I've heard bad things about Bosch plug wires. The other wires mentioned (Kinsborne or whatever?) I don't think have been out long enough to be considered "proven" or just pretty. I had ignition troubles with the MSD Blaster coil and Magnecor plug/coil leads. I don't know if its the helical wound wire, the material its made out of, the thickness of the wire or the thickness/type of insulation. But I had radio buzz and misfire issues. Also
  3. Doesn't look like I can make it guys, sorry. Have fun! and try to be safe, sorta.
  4. Bosch Copper FR7DC plugs .025" gap, a bit over a buck each most places MSD plug wires and coil lead with hotter coil, oem Bougicord or Magnecor are fine for stock coil oem cap and rotor K&N air filter or oem if you like paper and not oil (EurosportTuning intake if you want looks and sound) oem fuel filter MANN oil filters Walbro fuel pump, less than $100 (search and read up) oem fuel pump relay oem 87°C thermostat (aftermarket is fine) Samco turbo hoses (or RIP kit if you must) Bosch 02 sensors good quality vacuum lines (Hosetechniques.com or Stylin) oem radiator hoses (silicone not necess
  5. That would be cool, if they have enough room for us. Website doesn't say if they are open on Sunday or not. Kevin, speak up.
  6. Just wanted to say...thanks for the part. Got it in the post yesterday!
  7. There needs to be a body of water nearby so Brain can do stupid pet tricks in it Seriously though, summer is wrapping up, the meet should be someplace that is nice during summer time. Like a beach area. A park at the least. I would avoid Northgate or any urban/mall completely if it were up to me. Brain...you sure mention Dicks a lot. You going brokeback, or what? kidding Hope the new turbo is spooling by then. I don't think I've ever actually seen a "fast" 240 in person before.
  8. My schedule with my boys has gotten so screwed up (thanks evil ex) that I'm just not even sure what weekends I can do now. So, schedule it for whatever works for you guys and I'll have to see what happens. Actually *THIS* weekend (Labor Day, I know) is pretty open for me. I plan on working on the car quite a bit though. I wanna see Brains 240!
  9. Wish they had a 5-cyl class. Not that *mine* would be competative. But not having the class makes it pointless to even try.
  10. Jeezus, get a B&M with swegged lines for under a hundred.
  11. If you decide you can't live without one, and need it to be shiny and new...FCPGroton sells them for $95
  12. Its mostly a diaper to catch oil drips from the intercooler oil weep hole. It also protects the underside of your engine, pan monstly, from rock/debris damage. I've had mine off for 2.5 years now, no issues. I do plan on an aluminum belly pan in conjuction with my ipd skid plate though. Eventually :)
  13. When the fan is on, there is a vacuum at that point. Notice those rubber flaps right below that point on the fan shroud? Those also get pulled closed by the same vacuum. Although, they open when the car is moving quickly through the air and the fan is off. I'm amazed that A/C is actually plumbed into that box to keep it cool. At least thats what it sounds like. What about cars with no A/C ? And what happens when the fan is off but the car is moving, is that vacuum still present? or what
  14. $10 plus shipping is great. Prolly cost like $6 for shipping? Lets just make it $20 total. Anyway, I'll PM you with my address. I'll need your paypal addy thanks, Miles