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  1. I flashed the boostmap to a 607 bin and my car wont boost above 0.6 bar. I found that my TCV pipe to the intake is leaking. Will buy a new pipe and report back. My friend still have the slow start problem, even after the non immobiliser bin. His car take more than 20 seconds to start. Maybe we must check his crank position sensor.
  2. Thanks for the help. Do i need to add a bit to the WOT enrichment map ?
  3. @Tightmopedman9 My car is about stock with KNN filter, Whites with a 16T. Will your bin be fine to try ?
  4. Do someone have a 14 - 18psi bin where i can can view the Requested Pressure Ratio table as a ref ?
  5. Success !!! I flashed the 607 non-immobiliser auto bin on my immobiliser ecu. Car runs perfect. Wil test on my friends V70 T5, he vave immobiliser problems. His car takes ages to start. Hope this will solve his problem.
  6. @rkam Thanks for the reply. If my HW is 0261204449 can i just flash the 607 auto bin listed on page 1 ? If i have imobiliser will it just be disabled ?
  7. I also noted that the speed limit settings for all the 0261204449 files is set at 60 .
  8. Hi all. I just loaded a bin in tunerpro but it seems it is reading my bin incorect. Can someone please check. I tried al the 0261204449 bins in the binaries folder of motronic suite. The VE map seems incorect and the overcharge load map is all 0 but the first one. This ecu is in my S70 T5 Auto 1998 model. Well done on your hard work with tunerpro.