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  1. Nope...... you have to flash the bin from wiki for logging
  2. Don’t know if this is already mentioned: Encountered also some problems with data logging => strange data loss/pauses in the logs…. Have this problem only with my Lenovo laptop: also have a Dell Latitude equipped with SSD and no problems with that one. The Lenovo still has a normal HD so assumed that was the problem. So bought me self a SSD for the Lenovo and started logging……still data loss… But found the problem!! Apparently some laptops are equipped with a sort of HD shock protection => when it detects a shock it stops writhing, so disabled that option (have a Lenovo T510 and on this laptop it called “Lenovo’s Airbag Protection” which you can find in the control panel) and no data loss!! Problem solved and me happy! If anyone also have problems with data loss: try to find out if you’re laptop also is equipped with a sort of HD shock protection and try to disable it.
  3. That really is going to make a difference!! Good job!!! EDIT: is this also going to be changed in the XDF wich you can dowload from the wiki site?
  4. Half way page 360 =>
  5. @ avintlarge, did you use a fresh bin or is this with the bin you have the first problems? Think there is a real problem when jou have 13 cels :p
  6. It happen to me when im was still running on the epromm, never get the cell with the ostrich Try to flash a fresh bin and cell will be gone
  7. Try a fresh bin => also had this problem/cel in the beginning and was caused by a corrupted bin. Loaded a fresh new bin and cel never came back, think it was a checksum error or something like that.
  8. Pretty smart thinking will do that! When it aint broke....
  9. Damn..... Reading about the problems with the FTDI drivers im sceared to update my Windows... Did not run any update til october last year, think im gonna keep it so BTW: do anyone know wich update the FTDI is killing?
  10. Nope Took me only 3 weeks reading and taking notes. In my opinion the only way to do it right = everything is already written down here!
  11. Update: code 1-1-2 was caused by an corrupted bin file…. Downloaded a fresh one, flashed the ECU and 1-1-2 error code was gone! Ordered a new (original) temp and lambda sensor, hope it will solve the LTFT problems. To be continued..