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  1. Nope...... you have to flash the bin from wiki for logging
  2. Don’t know if this is already mentioned: Encountered also some problems with data logging => strange data loss/pauses in the logs…. Have this problem only with my Lenovo laptop: also have a Dell Latitude equipped with SSD and no problems with that one. The Lenovo still has a normal HD so assumed that was the problem. So bought me self a SSD for the Lenovo and started logging……still data loss… But found the problem!! Apparently some laptops are equipped with a sort of HD shock protection => when it detects a shock it stops writhing, so disabled that option (have a Lenovo T510 and on this laptop it called “Lenovo’s Airbag Protection” which you can find in the control panel) and no data loss!! Problem solved and me happy! If anyone also have problems with data loss: try to find out if you’re laptop also is equipped with a sort of HD shock protection and try to disable it.
  3. That really is going to make a difference!! Good job!!! EDIT: is this also going to be changed in the XDF wich you can dowload from the wiki site?
  4. Half way page 360 =>
  5. @ avintlarge, did you use a fresh bin or is this with the bin you have the first problems? Think there is a real problem when jou have 13 cels :p
  6. It happen to me when im was still running on the epromm, never get the cell with the ostrich Try to flash a fresh bin and cell will be gone
  7. Try a fresh bin => also had this problem/cel in the beginning and was caused by a corrupted bin. Loaded a fresh new bin and cel never came back, think it was a checksum error or something like that.
  8. Pretty smart thinking will do that! When it aint broke....
  9. Damn..... Reading about the problems with the FTDI drivers im sceared to update my Windows... Did not run any update til october last year, think im gonna keep it so BTW: do anyone know wich update the FTDI is killing?
  10. Nope Took me only 3 weeks reading and taking notes. In my opinion the only way to do it right = everything is already written down here!
  11. Update: code 1-1-2 was caused by an corrupted bin file…. Downloaded a fresh one, flashed the ECU and 1-1-2 error code was gone! Ordered a new (original) temp and lambda sensor, hope it will solve the LTFT problems. To be continued..
  12. LTFT wasn’t stable from the beginning: after a week driving the MIL lights up and get the code 2-3-1. Lambda is 4 years old => almost 80.000km so think im gonna change that one. Fuel regulator is brand new => change that this weekend with a set of cleaned injectors. Maybe maf could be a problem, but also that one isn’t that old => 2 years => 40.000km Yesterday got a other CEL: 1-1-2, think its time to do some troubleshooting… There is more then only an configuration setting…. Thanks for the reply, gonna leave this thread => its going to much off topic now .
  13. First of all: i am Michiel from the netherlands, folow this tread for a long time. Driving a Volvo 850 T-5 slightly modified and tuning with a TurboTuner for a couple of years. Finally started with the M4.4! After a week driving ive got a MIL... 2-3-1 => Long term fuel trim, part load: LTFT was -25% Set the injector constant from beginning at 1 => driving with the orange injectors. Is there anyone who encounter this problem with the orange injectors with the injector constant at 1? Maybe the standard deadtimes are not that great for the orange injectors? Whant to know this for sure before im going to do some serieus troubleshooting. Ive got a ostrich but not the time to installed it yet... Think its time to do that i quess
  14. Correct => you can use copper parts in youre engine with no problems! EGT stays pretty low! Even with higher AFR. But MAF sensor is a bit out of range full trottle STFT at check engine on the dash? Still very curious at the results with the twin pump setup!
  15. Wise decision to keep the line between FPR and rail as short as possible. Weldings are better then mine! Aluminium is pretty f#$"up to weld.... Think that ,with this setup, fuelpressure problems will not be an issue. Hope that the DW300 has enough capacity to feed youre surge tank. Even the engine bay is pretty stuffed now maybe need for a bigger car Keep up the good work and posting youre drawings!
  16. Bigger (or double) lines from surge tank/pumps will make a big difference i think . This is not really simple with AWD i guess....there is not that much space, when i see you’re pictures of the situation under you’re car.... Also bigger regulator is also recommended: good choice! Now its imported to eliminate every restriction in you´re fuel system so you will have full cappacity of you´re new fuel settup! but i think you already know that! BTW: really like you´re avantar!!
  17. Fuelpressure stays more stable now! Only fitted a (bigger?) other fitting on the rail? Good work man!!
  18. Now you're telling it to youre self, but when you standing at the line.....
  19. Now i'm getting it! (finally….) Hmm…..i’m still hanging in the M4.3 trip… Reason why I’m thinking in 2 fuel lines is that then you are sure you get the max out of both pumps. Didn’t know that M4.4 has a separate FPR. Learned something today! You making a good point why you’re using a single line, its keeping it simple and easier to work on. And 10mm ID will be more than enough for a good fuel consumption! I’m curious at your mileage BTW: already dicided where to place this all? In car is maybe the only/easiest option but not the safest solution... AWD has not really much space under the car. Dont know how big the surge tank with pumps is.
  20. .........Seen the photo's when i was home: photo's are blocked on my PC at work..... Iam start to get it now! Surge tank gets the feed of the tank pump? Im not really get the picture at this moment. 10mm ID should be enough I think! Pressure drop when youre (serious big) injectors opens and close should be minimal. Why not both lines directly on youre rail?
  21. If you cant get further then 6", then 6" it is. Pumps are placed inside the fuel tank, no? And there is no posebility to exit the tank with 2 lines.... Never place youre y pice directly after the pumps. And 6" isnt directly after the pumps in my opinion Dont know what the precice length must be....there is no rule for that witch i know, only that the lines must be equal of lenght....Think it would be a trial and error...Therefore i said ; keep youre y pice so far as possible from youre pumps. Edit: most ideal is to mount both lines on youre rail => almost no pressure drop over the (single) line so you have max pressure/capacity of both pumps. Youre rail is big enough to be a sort of buffer and pressure drop cant be a issue then.