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  1. 96 854R w/ GTX3071R Dyno Runs

    any reason for not going external WG? nice work
  2. The Black Magic Wagon - A 1998 V70R Build Tale

    did you spray the car with bumpers, hood e/t/c all still mounted?
  3. 2004 s60r 6 speed for sale

    how do you pass smog with this
  4. The White T5M

    jelly of the shop space, no home gym in there?
  5. fort lauderdale roll call

    What happened to this place? Is most everything on dickbook now?
  6. fort lauderdale roll call

    Yep, hope to be able to meetup. First time I met him we ended up street racing a mustang, won
  7. fort lauderdale roll call

    well i was able to get in touch with Joseph so there's 1 :lol:
  8. i'll be in town for one night of debauchery April Friday the 13th who's still around?
  9. XC90 r sport Trim/Signal/Air vent

    Just cleaned the contacts, pro tip, put a towel or something down to prevent the bolts from dropping under the seat....and have a magnet handy Initial impression seems to have made a noticeable improvement , happy to keep the C note in my pocket....for now
  10. XC90 r sport Trim/Signal/Air vent

    Thanks, is the stalk pretty self explanatory removal? Haven't looked at it yet
  11. Any one help me out looking for part #'s again This time I need a front passenger door handle pre painted in TiGrey. Not sure if the painted piece is able to be separated? The handle itself works fine Also need that little bottle of touch up paint in Ti Grey Inteior bits I need the turn signal stalk, not broken just doesn't consistently leave the signal on figure that's an easy fix Also need the center upper driver side center vent plastic (pic attached) Vin: YV4CT852081459805
  12. okey dokey, I'll see how that goes
  13. That's the other thing that isn't outlined on the site. Basically it says next time it fails an authorized tech will need to perform a drive cycle in the car, it actually says "ask if there will be a fee" lol. Nothing is stated beyond that when it fails again
  14. Yes I get this, the idea was to put a known good ecu, complete a drive cycle and see if anything has changed. I'm open to other suggestions,