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  1. thanks, would make a fine driver once sorted just dont have time or motivation
  2. sweet, glad they worked out, at one point i think i had 3 sets? these have been sitting in dry storage for years
  3. Mesoam

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    I wish he would take tuning more seriously, he's very talented at it...
  4. Proof that 996 values will go up...
  5. You gonna put a 997 front end on it or just never walk around the front of the car?
  6. At will employment is a bitch as long as they don't fire you for race/religion e/t/c its your ass on a platter...I'm waiting for a stoner to sue based upon canni religion or something, it'll be a real life "choose your fate" meme
  7. Heady topper is gross, over hyped, best of that line up is Sip-o-sun
  8. did you spray the car with bumpers, hood e/t/c all still mounted?
  9. Utah is huge for MTB, look into guided trips. MOAB is one of the biggest most popular areas but beware its shared with moto/jeeps e/t/c
  10. I'm happy with the XC90. Can't beat the Rsport seats, ask Yang. Handles way better than its competition, biggest complaint....TURNING RADIUS what else is new with Volvo's