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  1. Andy's 2000 V70 R

    I wish he would take tuning more seriously, he's very talented at it...
  2. Travel much? there are bad drivers EVERYWHERE its on you to be better
  3. How Your Car Sits

    evora 400
  4. How Your Car Sits

    Proof that 996 values will go up...
  5. How Your Car Sits

    You gonna put a 997 front end on it or just never walk around the front of the car?
  6. At will employment is a bitch as long as they don't fire you for race/religion e/t/c its your ass on a platter...I'm waiting for a stoner to sue based upon canni religion or something, it'll be a real life "choose your fate" meme
  7. V70R Manual Swap Rolls in Gear

    good thing they come with the warranty
  8. XC 90 V8 rad fan switch

    Me "i opened the petcock before we left, do you think there's still a lot of coolant in there?" Yang "nah its empty" :::pulls lower hose off::: SPLOOOOSSHHHHHH all over me That would have been way harder without a second set of hands
  9. XC 90 V8 rad fan switch

    Well this turned fun. Got the fan done and as I was about to tighten the rad up it starts dripping coolant in my face...Yangbang came over today and we spend most of the day doing the rad/expansion tank and in the process broke the hood latch cable. Pro tip, if the cable breaks you can reach the latches if you pull the skid plate.
  10. XC 90 V8 rad fan switch

    Ordered the fan assembly, installation looks fairly straight forward in the vida instructions. Still can't believe the whole thing has to be replaced. I'm wondering if it can just be direct wired as an exhaust fan for a shop, seems like a waste of a good motor.
  11. XC 90 V8 rad fan switch

    Whole fan assembly has to be replaced to fix the switch? Where's Rich Kelly he'd have a work around for this ridiculousness.
  12. Car overheated, didn't hear the fan go on, scanned with Vida and came up with P069100 fan 1 control circuit low P048000 Fan 1 control circuit Fan relay? Switch? Blades turn fine
  13. Heady topper is gross, over hyped, best of that line up is Sip-o-sun
  14. The Black Magic Wagon - A 1998 V70R Build Tale

    did you spray the car with bumpers, hood e/t/c all still mounted?
  15. Bike Pics!

    Utah is huge for MTB, look into guided trips. MOAB is one of the biggest most popular areas but beware its shared with moto/jeeps e/t/c