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  1. 01 xc, no fuel pressure sensor on end of the rail, I see it has the damper attached to the underside. Seems to be mixed info out there, would it be the one near the PS rack? I'd look myself but don't have the ability Part number would be helpful when I look on FCP it only suggests the sensor on the end of the rail No CEL but just recently after driving for a bit the car would have a rough start and die, not every time, inconsistent at best. I can keep it running with the pedal and once you get going it stays running. Also noticed some slight hesitation around 3k rpm 1/2 throttle or so, not so bad that it jerks but with the radio off it can be heard. Of course the fuel pressure sensor came up in searching
  2. I wish he would take tuning more seriously, he's very talented at it...
  3. Proof that 996 values will go up...
  4. You gonna put a 997 front end on it or just never walk around the front of the car?
  5. At will employment is a bitch as long as they don't fire you for race/religion e/t/c its your ass on a platter...I'm waiting for a stoner to sue based upon canni religion or something, it'll be a real life "choose your fate" meme
  6. Heady topper is gross, over hyped, best of that line up is Sip-o-sun
  7. did you spray the car with bumpers, hood e/t/c all still mounted?
  8. Utah is huge for MTB, look into guided trips. MOAB is one of the biggest most popular areas but beware its shared with moto/jeeps e/t/c
  9. I'm happy with the XC90. Can't beat the Rsport seats, ask Yang. Handles way better than its competition, biggest complaint....TURNING RADIUS what else is new with Volvo's
  10. short stem, longer travel fork, setup for tubeless and wider tires will change the bike dramatically
  11. well since I don't have room for car projects....
  12. ARRRR sport, but i mostly ride this thing around
  13. I built up the lady's Spec Ruby into an around town bike...I ride it more than her now
  14. hero dirt in norcal with the recent rains
  15. they will start laying salt down on the bridges and other areas before accumulation of snow...
  16. awesome, he'll be able to grow into that thing too, what a solid deal
  17. Yep, and that thing is still competitive for racing. Just make sure he doesn't put the post up beyond the min insert, those fsr's were notorious for cracking seat tubes...
  18. Thanks for the info, do you suspect some ECU/engine tuning could help the power?
  19. How has this car been? Any problems? Things you like/dont?