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  1. man, chicks are weird...i was pised at tis chick today and my chick is all mad coz i mad at this other chick. what i donno, i'm sure things will be cool behy friday
  2. awwww siznap...chilean, chilayan of how ever the poke you spell it...wines are good..and cheap i recccomend for any one who is a wine connesoru in the least
  3. whhaaatttt up Saphire + Tonic (wih extra lime of course) you are do delicous i could rink you, in fact i thinik i will...mmm, this thread rules
  4. mmmm, not drunk yet but clse...this shiz needs to be pindded
  5. Charles have you decided if you are going to evac?
  6. Going anywhere fun?
  7. yeah i kind of agree...the last thing we need is more arguments among the already few numbers of Volvo brethren
  8. kind of sad it had to come down to this but a good solution nonetheless
  9. wooo pastel goodness! its like easter! haha. Looks sweet! oh no!? What happened to the "you are an idiot" emocion (or however you spell it) edit: avatars not coming up?! I'm guessing i have to reload?
  10. so you are saying if they find substantial evidence to prove their guilt they should live? Why keep worthless lives like that arround?
  11. thats some messed up sh!t...this brings up another issue i have...we as a country don't use the death penalty enough, if there is substantial evidence in something like a murder case, jail time should not be an option, thats my .02 and i'm sticking to it
  12. i don't know why but i watched it today those people have got some problems. Scum, they should all be drawn and quartered :angry:
  13. any one notice how Binladen is no where to be seen on the news...he's probobly just chillin like a villan storming up his next attack.