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  1. The short answer is no, I didn't do anything except replace the o-rings and bolt it together. I really, really, really don't want this to leak again, because if coolant runs on the sound deadening it'll delaminate from the car, and I'll be right back to square one here. Pipe dope on the mating ends? Are you referring to the plastic block that the pipes run through, or the pipes themselves, or both? I considered vaseline on the pipes, but I was afraid of the petroleum breaking down the o-rings. Also considered just using Permatex on the pipes where they slide into the heater core (in addition to the o-rings), but I didn't want do anything that would cause a leak later Also... what would I tape?
  2. Fixed my heater core. I pulled it out and it appeared to be leaking at the union so I picked up a pair of o-rings from Volvo here in town and replaced them. Bolted it back together, let it warm up and no leaks. Original o-rings looked fine so I have no idea why it leaked, but either way it isn't leaking now. Also picked up my seat this morning, he did a good job. I'll be at this all weekend trying to get the sound deadening in and get my stereo installed, unless I skate tonight, then I'll be skating and drinking beer.
  3. Last night, pulled the driver's seat to take it to a guy I know that does upholstery so he can re-stitch it, seams started coming apart in a couple spots. While I was in there, I noticed my floor was wet, so I decided to pull the carpet and noticed my heater core is leaking (again, I'm ordering the Behr heater core this time). I found the source of the "wet dog" smell, pretty sure it was a combination of the wet floor, and the padding under the rear carpet was absolutely foul, even had mold growing in places, so I decided to just gut the whole interior. I'm going to sound deaden everything, throw all the original padding in the trash and replace it with some 1/2" thick neoprene type stuff I have still left over from back in my car stereo install days. I'll do foil faced mastic rubber over everything first, then the neoprene stuff over that. Also going to install my system while the thing is gutted. Driver's seat... And the floor after I cut the factory foam pad out (nice puddle of coolant there, the original pad was dripping wet)... Going to scrub all the sheet metal, then wipe it down with rubbing alcohol so the sound deadening will adhere to it. Still a lot of work to do pulling panels, I'll be back at it tonight...
  4. I actually didn't put that there, it came with the car. Emblems all the way around will probably be next, I think I want to get an eggcrate grill anyhow. Also, FWIW, the film seems to be holding up well, works really well at night too.
  5. So... I'm undecided on clear vs yellow fog lights... I might peel the vinyl tint off.
  6. It was a couple years ago, but IIRC that's where I got mine. $60 each? Seem to work well.
  7. I can't upload pics with my s7, only from a PC.
  8. Damn, it just occurred to me that's probably the smell in my car too. I replaced the heater core with one from the local parts store like 2 or so years ago. Smelled like a mofo for about a month after I installed it, then it mellowed out. Now I can't get rid of this faint, kind of a wet dog smell. Has to be that heater core. Looks like I need to spend $90 on a Behr. And on topic... on my way home from work tonight I couldn't see shit, was misting rain and the wipers were more smearing the rain than working. Tonight I replaced the wiper blades with Bosch Icons, and tried RainX again for the first time in a while. I quit using it because after it gets a couole months old, I think it makes it worse than if you didn't use it. Guess time will tell.
  9. Worked really well, I can see the stitching a lot more clearly now. Curious how that cleaner you're getting smells compared to the Shout I used, the Shout just smells like a laundry room detergent, which doesn't really work in the car. But it cleaned the seats very well... I used one of these to scrub the Shout cleaner into the leather because all the brushes I found had bristles that were too stiff...
  10. Gotcha... I didn't know you also had rear door speakers. I agree with you... one or the other (rear doors or rear deck), not both.
  11. These in 17", and a set of Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires. Hopefully next week Wednesday. Those are awesome subs, bang for buck probably the best deal out there. Which Infinity door speakers? As far as your rear deck speakers go, I'd hook them up if I were you; with that JL amp you can cross them at 80 Hz and use it for rear fill- go just high enough with the amp's gain that you can barely hear them. I still have my Eclipse dbl din nav head unit, MB Quartz components, JL 12w3 subs, and 2 amps from my old system that I haven't put in my Volvo yet. Soon, very soon. I also still have a bunch of eDead sound deadening from back in the day that I'll do my car with too.
  12. Took the front mudflaps off it (finally). I've avoided it because I was worried about what lies beneath, but I was pleasantly surprised, no rust and the paint still looks pretty respectable. I ditched the rear mudflaps a couple years ago when I repainted the rear bumper. Can someone double check my tire/wheel sizes? I think I'm going to order some today... Wheels I'm looking at are 17x7.5, 5-108 bolt pattern, 40 mm offset, 73.1 hub (I'll need centering adapters)... Tires are 225/45/17.
  13. Replaced my broken fog light, tinted my fog lights yellow, replaced my broken door panel marker lights, then DEEP cleaned it... shampooed and steam cleaned the carpets and mats, scrubbed the dash and all the interior panels, cleaned and conditioned the leather (still not sure how to clean the suede), and washed all the windows. If the "I'm a 17 year old car that sat next to the garage for a year" funk isn't gone, I'll be sourcing new carpet. No garbage or dead animal smell, just old, musty car smell. Edit: I'm going to try this... Edit again: Seems to have worked really well. I didn't have a brush with fine enough bristles so I used a wax applicator to scrub the Shout cleaner into the suede, then vacuumed it off. For some reason I can't post a pic from my phone, but they look awesome again.
  14. Considering Thors, there's actually a set about an hour from me for sale right now in really nice condition. Will 17x7 Neptunes off a XC90 fit my P80? Reading conflicting answers. Looks awesome, there's a set of those wheels on Swedespeed for sale right now (17"). Also considering Enkei YS5 Or VR5
  15. No offense to anyone with Pegs, and they look cool, but too many out there. Are your wheels^ OZ Superturismos?
  16. I drove it to work... and thought about wheels. I need tires, but I'm not sure if I want to change the wheels. Considering a bunch of different options in 17" wheels... aftermarket, Orpheus, Canisto... So my dilemma is... do I just get new tires for my 16" stock wheels, or go all in? FWIW, I haven't seen any new (reasonably priced) aftermarket wheels that I'm a fan of (looked at Tire Rack). I really don't think the stock wheels look that bad on the P80, I just wish they were 17"... 18" looks awesome, but I think I'd be lucky to get a season out before I bent a rim in Michigan. And actually if I could find this style wheel in a 17", I'd probably do it...
  17. New, original Volvo. Found it eBay for $80 shipped. I've been wanting this ever since I bought the car, now hopefully my engine doesn't get covered in salt and snow this winter, and I won't have to worry about my lower grill falling out anymore. Kinda curious how long it'll last until I smash it on a parking block...
  18. I"ll 3rd that Andy. Make that your next upgrade. I used a Magnaflow cat from Summit for like $130. Not sure what made the difference between the cat and the 3" mandrel down pipe, but it was a big difference.
  19. Got the motor buttoned up last weekend. Ran into an issue with the Kinugawa cartridge where the coolant pipe bolts to it on the firewall side of the turbo. The Kinugawa cartridge has a bolt that plugs the lower coolant port, whereas the stock cartridge has a freeze plug; when I bolted the coolant pipe to the Kinugawa, it hits the bolt on the cartridge just before it'll seat, so it leaked. I had to get creative with some new plumbing, but I made it work and it's all leak free now. Drove it to work this morning for the first time in over a year. Seems to run great so far, but I'm babying it for now. My ETS light came on for some reason, but it runs excellent... hoping it's just because it sat for a year and that it'll go off after a tank or 2 of gas runs through it. It's a Xemodex ETM which is lifetime, so worst case I'll send it back to them. I also hear my left front wheel bearing starting to sing a little, which isn't shocking considering it sat for a year. Put that on the to-do list.
  20. I know, not the thread for this but I didn't want to start a thread just for this... can anyone tell me where to get the caps I need to do a luggage rail delete on a 99 V70?
  21. Was odd, broke right at the flange. IIRC, I noticed my transmission mount had broke right after I fixed it, so I'm guessing the engine rocking is what did mine in. Obviously I fixed that too.
  22. Your DP issue is what pushed me into building my own DP about a year ago. I was heading home one night, turned a corner and all of a sudden I had wide open exhaust, my stock DP busted completely off the flange.
  23. Getting close. Started working on this last Friday, new (to me) engine is sitting in the car now. I now have the intake on, radiator/IC/fan in, turbo is hanging on the manifold, axles in, transmission filled, wiring is all routed... car is now sitting on it's wheels on the floor. Need to figure out the turbo's oil plumbing... and I really hope to hear this run by this weekend. New engine in... I replaced the turbo cart. Broke my snapring pliers, ended up modifying a pair of needle nose pliers with my bench grinder and those worked great for getting the snapring out...
  24. Finally getting back after the wagon. Ordered the last piece to the puzzle today.