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  1. That gas mileage though... 50 MPG you get normally? Buddy of mine has a 2013 TDI Passat, pretty epic seeing 50 MPG lol...
  2. Still have the S70, I wouldn't say it feels cheap, but there are some aspects of it that def lack a little.
  3. That and a new head unit are in the very near future. If nothing else, I enjoy more gas mileage :-) You have a Sube as well? I feel like I've been under a rock lol So much hate. I will say though, I have not gotten anything neon green for it just yet, so that's good. It's hard to resist that temptation. I need some DC Shoe logo stickers and some Monster stuff too.
  4. thats me lol back in illinois meow
  5. Yeah, didn't it get to 70 shootings in a long weekend or something completely ridiculous. I remember it being crazy
  6. Another reality is the number of hot days, have been less. And Chicago crime always picks up when the weather is nice. It was also nicer, earlier last year.
  7. Nope, the HG ban has been gone for a while. And actually, with the new CCW law that past, they pretty much abolished the mag limit pre-emption for cook (Chicago) county, and a couple other home rule counties. So, in terms of concealed carry, you don't have a large amount to worry about any more. But they do still have an AWB. They also abolished the CFP (Chicago Firearms Permit), it's about time, because if you live in Cook county, you had to have a CFP card and a FOID card, and for CCW you would need a CCL card as well. Absolutely ridiculous. There have been some interesting developments in Chicago regarding guns. But we all know, all those thug gang bangers will be getting their CCL's at 150 a pop + 16 hours of training. (Although, they only need 8 hours, if they took the hunters safety course... people hunting that is.) Chicago, and effectively, this state are doomed.
  8. I think we need stronger gun laws... And we definitely need more AWB.
  9. I just hope the NSA likes hearing about how my butt itches, or how my farts smell. :-) I think it's purely naïve to believe we aren't being spied on all the time. I try not to let it bother me, as there are more important things in life... since it's short, I'll worry about those instead. :-)
  10. Haha, I have been around. Been a very busy summer... which is good, I guess haha. I can CCW now actually, in 33 states ;-) I'm not terribly concerned with Illinois. They are still dicking around with pretty much anything related to it, I think some of the politicians are under the impression that they can do something to stop it still.
  11. OMG... someone is collecting data on me??!!1!!11111111