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  1. I will kill you all

  2. Why wait? we know they will just blame it on bush as if we would not gone into Iraq then this would of never happened is what they will say
  3. they have done everything for volvo they have LEFT volvo alone and let them keep working on thier cars which is the BEST thing ford could of ever done for volvo. So you want ford to of done with volvo what GM did with saab eh?
  4. netscape??? its been like 5+ years since i have used that
  5. yahoo's stock went up like $5 yesterday .... big gain from the talks that MS wants to buy them ... more of a merger than a buy out but still
  6. guess i should say thanks for the nominations everyone ... i know i am an jerk but i really try to do the best for most here ... just to busy to get to everyone next time can i just win a rolling chassis w/ a long block so i can build parts for everyone(cheap and ugly how things should be)
  7. wow ... sucks ... so what mods and boost pressure were you running when it did this? and knock or you think just excessive CC pressures?
  8. looks good ... damn near the same setup andy and i did
  9. they should bring back turbos for F1 and let them go nuts BUT ... then again another one of the reasons for not letting them do that is only those with big $ can play AND i do not know if the tech for keeping the cars on the road can keep up with the power of the engines i am fully with you on the ban ... kick them out for a few races ...will make people think again about cheating @ least untill they figure out a better way to do it
  10. volvo did the same thing with thier rwd cars .... hell even some of the fwd's are like that, never mind the volvo's had a lot more power .. most cars had a turbo, or you could just bolt on a turbo to an n/a engine and make lots of power and still last 400k+ if taken care of ....tho if i was trusting my life in an accident i would much rather be in a volvo than a toyota ... so why is not volvo near the top? maybe they just cost to much ... but hey the old used cars should of been more popular yea sure the old toyo trucks are nice but i have been in and worked on lots of thier cars and eh is al
  11. funny tho that it is a toyota car AGAIN caught cheating also notice they mention a few other cars also getting hit for cheating but they say nothing else than others were also caught cheating either way funny that toyota is back to its cheating ways ... wonder what it means they do to thier normal street cars to make them sell as well as they do ... maybe they inject you with crack through the seat so you have to go back and get more
  12. post #48
  13. nah everyone will have to pay up again
  14. while that's cool and all ... when stuff starts to break dealer techs are going to hang themselves