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  1. = fail ... "Catera is the Cadillac [duck] that zigs." remember that lousy ad?
  2. don't see the 3.2 engine anywhere on polestar's website.. it's somewhat lacking, but the only offering in the v70, which we are seriously considering. n/a just doesn't offer a whole lot simple options..
  3. i actually wished honda would've taken volvo, since they annouced that they were going to become the safest car company. their acura lineup has great safety record. our own tsx went thru a 180 spin and the only damage was front and rear bumper cosmetic damage; sturdy little car. we're looking at a new car... and there aren't many choices if u don't want suv but want space to carry stuff.. e class wagon, simple 30k maintenance costs 2k. gl with bmw after warranty expires. maybe audi.. don't want a vw. i'm open to suggestions.. what bugs me is that the 2010 v70 doesn't include a t6 like the ones in britain.. and that the navigation feels outdated... and because of the sale, no direct injection technology from ford's ecoboost motors. isn't it ironic that when ford finally moves jaguar design into the 21st century, they sell it to tata? or even that an india company will now own a british icon.
  4. whole kit = #305850 from stillen caliper, all i know is it's the lotus caliper, i couldn't find any stampings on the caliper itself aluminum hat --> from stillen brembo rotor 320x28, available in either slotted or cross-drilled per side, u also need (which require maintenance as they develop chatter when the springs come undone) (8) 6-mm flange bushing (8) screws (8) washers (4) mclaren clips/springs (4) spring spacer pads, seems the rear of the "ferarri 05-07 F430" fits
  5. interesting class of competitors.. the post-qualifying coin flip rule is a little werid..
  6. haha, i guess i'm not as skilled or courageous on the track
  7. qbm's old ones were rattling. here was the discussion. i got new aurora ones from hrp world, AM-8T and AB-8T
  8. put new aurora rod ends into the qbm endlinks, and but them back on. much quieter. much flatter.. slightly less wiggly rear/fun .
  9. we should all be thankful both vs and vendors have evolved maturely... only a few years ago posts on vs was constantly turning into pissy fights and trolls had run amuck. and having more than just ipd as the lone primary aftermarket vendor in the u.s. (as it was in the mid 90s) is definitely a plus as well (it is great to seem them keeping up with the new models too). man, don't make me feel so old val u know, that happened to me once too, here in the bay area .. never went back to that mb dealer...
  10. probably... if u don't have anything over 300 watts, these will be fine. shipping is by weight, these things weigh roughly 30 lbs.. probably won't be worth the trouble shipp'n them.
  11. any volvospeed ppl near u? maybe they'd have places they go to that are cheaper than the dealer. i'm surprised the right arm isn't slightly jacked up too.. (u know there isn't a cv joint right?) good luck with the repairs.
  12. not really, but it is a 3 yr replacement warranty. but make sure u don't have any amps rated over 300 watts. replacement receipt says 119, i'll take that. i had traded the old alpine cd changer for it (obviously couldn't use it for the pioneer hu hahaha). i can drop it off at berkeley on thursday if u'd like
  13. for sale, brand new optima red battery. still have the covering and all. i have receipt for exchanges at autozone. it is for anyone with less than 300 watts of stereo power. preferably for someone in the sf bay area/sac area. don't really wanna do shipping as they are really really heavy..
  14. woah.. that was a nifty trick by the bar tender. sorry couldn't make it, was on some island in the pacific getting a sunburn.. looked like darn fun 2nd to last pic.. interesting to see all the ride height differences.. with the xc sticking up like an suv