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    Dual Exhaust

    dual exhaust with magnaflow
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  6. what if people name themselves other people??!
  7. maiku

    Project Blackt5

    i think we need a victoria meet
  8. well, this site has to be kept running servers don't run on good repair guides...
  9. maiku

    Project Blackt5

    omfg i know what next project is driving to victoria!
  10. maiku

    Project Blackt5

    hawt as usually Mark
  11. maiku

    Project Blackt5

    all this on stock perfos just awesome i think it needs more octane
  12. you are awesome chuck 1000pm's ftw
  13. i can't upload either probably only can link to pics outside of VS i'm sure chuck has a crapload of other things to fix
  14. yay thanks chuck time to empty my PM box now
  15. no rush chuck i can make up the posts in a week if i wanted i just enjoy the rukus in the R forum, and ability to receive PM's
  16. minus the fact that it says "Messenger FULL!" and i've lost 1000 of my post
  17. your car will start to studder after the first few hours then throw a CEL, ABS, TRACS and even the low washer fluid light the SERVICE light will stay lit even after the 2 minutes and when you come home from work, you'll find that the car slept with your wife
  18. holy crap fyi, i think tracs stops to work at and over 25mph.. hell, i don't think tracs works at all (personally) sucks about the wheel