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  1. tomtbone

    Iraqi Refugees In Södertälje

    Thats funny, seems easy enough for all of the illegal immigrants to get up to Mass and work. There are at least 3 where I work that I know of for sure. There is no effort here to get these people out of here either. Fake Driver's licenses and SS cards too.
  2. tomtbone


    Volans for sale
  3. tomtbone


    1969 1800s
  4. tomtbone

    Project Pras

    Wow guys thats looking reallyl hot!! I actually like the gold Canistos.... hmmm giving me some ideas hahaha ahhh to many projects, and I just got done painting my roof, spoiler, and side trim gloss black. This month the hood, tailgate and rear bumper are next. weeee Congrats on your cars guys,
  5. tomtbone

    Hub Ring

    Picture of Hub Ring
  6. tomtbone


  7. tomtbone

    Attn: Wagon Owners

    I received an email from him today. He has been having more serious health problems. Be patient. Get better soon!
  8. tomtbone

    Weitec Scam?

    I think it would be the other way aroudn unfortunately. If the demand increased, I think they would design their own shocks then. My shocks/struts are the same ones that you can buy from FCP.
  9. tomtbone

    Weitec Scam?

    well yeah thats a given no matter what, you were testing it against a used shock. I think you people who are defending Weitec are missing the point that even if the product turns out good, they are falsely advertising their product, misleading their customers as to what they are selling, and in turn scamming us.
  10. tomtbone

    Weitec Scam?

    thats odd because I am pretty sure mine were the same part number as teh ones that FCP sells
  11. tomtbone

    Weitec Scam?

    Just because we already knew, does not mean that its not a scam.
  12. tomtbone

    Weitec Scam?

    My Weitec kit that I got also has both the Sachs and Weitec stickers on the suspension. I got sick of waiting and just installed them on my car. My kit was airshipped directly to me from Berlin. Please let me know what you find out.
  13. tomtbone

    Attn: Wagon Owners

    That's a Henry Ford quote isn't it?
  14. tomtbone

    Attn: Wagon Owners

    Everything back there has been replaced though. I think its the natural tendencies of all the wagons.