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  1. Replace both flex hoses in the rear, then do a complete fluid flush.
  2. Where to hang the fan relay after removing the SAS pump? Easy solution for me was the metal lip behind the headlight. I crimped the 2 metal clips a little tighter to make sure it won't fall off, and, gave the unit a 360 degree turn to ensure the wires to the relay wouldn't touch anything hot. Thanks again for a much cleaner engine bay! The SAS pump was full of water and is going into the garbage bin. The air cleaner box was plugged with the S80 rubber plug. My rescue 854 is now a road worthy machine, thank you.
  3. Finally! After mumbling to myself for a month after soldering the ECU and plugging the vacuum line and disconnecting the wire from the air pump, I replaced the relay on my 1996 854. The original relay didn't have any innards left!! A junk yard version only cost $2 and the P0410 is gone. What is this 'grommet' at the air box? I do want to get rid of the air hose, or at least plug it up. Suggestion to some that get EVAP codes after playing around with the SAS pump. There is a vacuum line for the charcoal cannister that gets pretty close to the pump. It is possible to pull the vacuum line loose at the side of the radiator connector. Please check this before you blame the SAS delete.
  4. I just completed the ECU mod, unplugged the air pump, plugged up the vacuum tree and get 410 immediately after engine start. So I checked the resistance at the solenoid and it is 0, nada, zilch. I guess that was my primary problem as the 410 is a code that wasn't present when I bought this junker. I really don't like to cut wires, but if I put a 33ohm resistor between the 2 wires that go to the solenoid, will that fix me up? My soldering skills are shy of 'novice' and I just hope I didn't cook the the diode between pins 32&37.
  5. Hi guys, I just bought a 1996 854 N/A with a 5 speed. My ECU is currently on my desk, I have counted the pins. BUT, where are the 'numbers' everyone keeps talking about? I haven't the foggiest idea which Bosh system I have - the box has J.2 on it. After soldering, is the next step unplugging the pump or can I leave that alone.
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