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  1. Aequitas_Veritas

    Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Awe man, Where were you in CA? I would have loved to smoke with you!
  2. Aequitas_Veritas

    How Your Car Sits

    Best option is the S90 wheel, same as the european 850 wheel. Smaller diameter, better looking airbag and still matches.
  3. Aequitas_Veritas

    How Your Car Sits

    Driving a MK4 Jetta TDI, which is more the DD, but I still drive it quite often. Just cant turn down that 40MPG.
  4. Aequitas_Veritas

    How Your Car Sits

  5. Aequitas_Veritas

    850 T5M Project: 02 Hpt, M56, Tt, 19T...

    Can you give more details on how you added the mount for the front R brake calipers? You said it was based on Johanns design, but I cant find anything in his thread about it. Do you have a link?
  6. Aequitas_Veritas

    Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    but... but... why?
  7. Aequitas_Veritas

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    I bought CJs and have loved them. No problems even 3 years later. Would do it again in a second. The only issue is that you have to have access to above the subframe bushings, so its much easier to install them with the frame outside the car. So they are a little harder to install.
  8. Aequitas_Veritas

    Off Topic: The Thread

    Salt and metal just dont get along. Its gonna rust no matter what. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  9. Aequitas_Veritas

    How Your Car Sits

    Kevin is correct on the headlights. Here is a few more shots the same person just sent to me.
  10. Aequitas_Veritas

    How Your Car Sits

    Not Current, but its not in a showable state right now anyways. Didn't see anywhere else to put it.
  11. Aequitas_Veritas

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    The key is to heat it up with a heat gun as you apply it, it sticks MUCH better then. The smell goes away after like a week.
  12. Aequitas_Veritas

    Project '98 T5M 2.0

    From what I have read its Textar that is OES for Porsche , although people disagree whether the pad they sell through aftermarket venders and through Porsche dealers are identical. But the aftermarkets I used worked well for me.
  13. Aequitas_Veritas

    Project '98 T5M 2.0

    Hawks had a bit more bite, but the noise drove me INSANE, not even close to worth the trade off. haha. I even bought the super expensive anti squeal dampeners that had zero effect.
  14. Aequitas_Veritas

    Project '98 T5M 2.0

    Im gonna suggest not going Hawk HPS pads for the porsches, I had nothing but massive squeals from them. I have had good luck with Textar or Mintec