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  1. Aequitas_Veritas added an answer to a question 94 850 (non turbo) sluggish shifting into 1st (auto)   

    Most likely the PNP switch
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  2. Aequitas_Veritas added an answer to a question Replacing vacuum lines
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  3. Aequitas_Veritas added an answer to a question Hood insulation pad alternative?   

    Why not just go to the junkyard and grab one?
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  4. Aequitas_Veritas added a post in a topic delete   

    Can a Mod delete this one? this was one I accidentally posted as I was writing it. The other thread is complete. This is not. Thank you
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  5. Aequitas_Veritas added a topic in Cosmetic and Detailing   

    How To: Bypass Rear Bulb warning for LED tailights
    Serge described this pretty well here. I will admit he did all the research, the legwork, everything pretty much. lol. Check out his thread here:

    But there were some issues with his write up that I wanted to address and improve. 
    First, is the lack of responses! Not a single person commented on this thread and its a pretty useful one for the people who need this.
    The reason I am doing this mod is because I took the LED panel from the top of the S70 rear window and took it apart until it was just the LED board and crystal lenses and fit in into the 850R rear spoiler. Looks a lot better then the 5 incadecent bulbs and will last forever.
    However I got the bulb out warning light whenever I hit the brakes after I did it. I found Serges thread and wanted to add my part to it.  
    The difference for me is that I really only wanted the spoiler to be checked. I tried to just attach the 54H to 54 so it only checked the spoiler and it didn't work. So as far as I know you will have to do it for just the 2 sides or all 3 brake lights. Although eventually I am going to build some LED brake light panels and have them dim/brighten with my brakes and not have that stupid separate light in the bottom sides so I would have had to do this sooner or later anyways. 
    I also wanted to address the lack of pictures in Serges thread with some of my own.
    So here is the blue lighting box module that monitors the voltages and is what triggers the bulb out warning light. Its found just behind the drivers side tailight. I have highlighted the wires you have to attach together. 

    But here is where I wanted to do something different then Serge did. I didn't like the idea of pulling the pins out and just wrapping them together with a wire especially with the size of the 54 wire. Plus there is the risk of one of the wires coming out of the tape and touching on the body and shorting it out. 
    So since I knew I could get another lighting module easy at the junkyard I pulled it apart and figured out you can just bend the wires inside together and just put a bit of solder and it works the exact same and is totally invisible and stock. If I wanted to reverse it all I have to do is get another box and plug it in. 
    To take the lighting module apart, first you have to remove the reddish brown cover. Its just a square flat rectangle that will pop out once you get all the tabs. Then to remove the board there is two clips on either side of the plug you have to push with a flatblade while pushing on the connector. 
    From there I cut the front 3 pins, then carefully bent them out of the way to reach the wirecutters to cut the back pin as long as possible. Then I used a flatblade to bend that back pin so it was pointed out and a little up. Then bent the side pins in so they were both touching it. Then I bent the middle pin around the other 3 pins and made sure they were all pretty tightly together. Lastly put some solder to finish it up. 


    I also wanted to add that I made sure that the bulb out warning light worked for other bulbs by removing my headlight and seeing if it still worked and it did, so it will retain all other functions. 
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  6. Aequitas_Veritas added a topic in Cosmetic and Detailing   

    Please delete
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  7. Aequitas_Veritas added a post in a topic 850 T5M Project: 02 Hpt, M56, Tt, 18T...   

    Can you give more details on how you added the mount for the front R brake calipers? You said it was based on Johanns design, but I cant find anything in his thread about it. Do you have a link?
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  8. Aequitas_Veritas added a post in a topic Big Brake Kit 17 inch wheel fitment   

    I know 17" TDRs fit without spacers
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  9. Aequitas_Veritas added a post in a topic Doctors note for having Window Tint   

    I have had a number of tickets for front window tint. However, every time its been because I was speeding and I talked my way out of it, but he wanted to give me a ticket for something.
    So I just bought a set of untinted junkyard windows I throw in whenever I need to get it signed off, dont even put the door panels back on, park in the back of the lot and when the cop comes out just point to it. Then once its signed I go home and swap them back to my tinted pair and put the door panel back on.
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  10. Aequitas_Veritas added a post in a topic Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase   

    but... but... why?
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  11. Aequitas_Veritas added a post in a topic What Did You Do To Your Car Today.   

    I bought CJs and have loved them. No problems even 3 years later. Would do it again in a second. The only issue is that you have to have access to above the subframe bushings, so its much easier to install them with the frame outside the car. So they are a little harder to install.
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  12. Aequitas_Veritas added a post in a topic Off Topic: The Thread   

    Salt and metal just dont get along. Its gonna rust no matter what.

    '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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  13. Aequitas_Veritas added an answer to a question Sway Bar + Power Steering Lines -- Replace W/o Lowering Subframe?   

    the IPD sway has flanges that prevent it walking back and forth and having this problem. I installed them years ago and have yet to relube them, they are still totally quiet.
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  14. Aequitas_Veritas added a post in a topic How Your Car Sits   

    Kevin is correct on the headlights. Here is a few more shots the same person just sent to me.

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  15. Aequitas_Veritas added a post in a topic How Your Car Sits   

    Not Current, but its not in a showable state right now anyways. Didn't see anywhere else to put it.

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