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  1. this. Just the tip? Just a little bit?
  2. Im Jealous, been wanting to do this to mine for years. But I have to be satisfied with plastdip for now
  3. any better pics of his face at a slightly off angle like the ones in the forest pics?
  4. Not really funny, but thought it was cool
  5. Man I am so jealous of Mesoam. Someday I would love to travel out there and follow in his footsteps.
  6. Why do you get performance anxiety showing us your S70s colors?
  7. I have had people get mad at me for texting too late. I didnt think it was an issue at the time, but now I try to avoid it.
  8. Then you will never know the perfect combination of airflow and talking volume that is the rear passenger window and sunroof open.
  9. yeah especially 850Rs in the USA, cause they didnt exist. I think your opinion would be different if you lived in cali where the weather is great 80% of the time.
  10. Well I live in California, where sunroofs actually serve a wonderful purpose haha
  11. Johann you have something against sunroofs?
  12. Pras did a write up on rebuilding them, I would check out the boards and see if any of the capacitors are leaking.
  13. At first I was like WHAAAA? Justin picked a decent looking classy color for something?? Then I scrolled down and was like....oh