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  1. supposedly they stuff they have now lasts quite awhile. I have been waiting to try painting a set of S60R seats for my car Best reviewed stuff is either or
  2. are you gonna continue it down the side skirts?
  3. No competition Then you put HIDs in them and make them sparkle like diamonds
  4. Just Yes. Finally after all these years its looks are starting to reflect its engine! Can you get jewels? pretty please?
  5. Been waiting sooooo long to see that car with something other then stock wheels
  6. Nope. I have an R and my tips are smaller lol. Plus I would never sell my car.
  7. That looks more like the autumn gold then coral. Not enough pink. Or maybe Garnet Red.
  8. Ive been trying to find the SP-01 forever. They go for crazy amounts of money when they do rarely go for sale.
  9. Photoshopped these. Almost wished I hadnt. So much want.
  10. yeah funny story is I am the first one on the forum to have installed them years and years ago
  11. They are off the volvo 440 in europe
  13. Not a fan of lambos, but this this is just crazy
  14. Not sure how the logging is, but the PLX gauge is really sweet, OLED and touchscreen. So far I havnt had any issues with mine. It can even tell you the health of your 02 sensor.
  15. GoPro4 is coming out soon. Prices will plummet once it happens. Should have waited a few months.
  16. yeah you just have to go under and take off the 3 10mm bolts (I think) and remove the plastic cover that goes under the pulley
  17. i thought he was bad until I had Juan (MogotuR) count how many hes had. And it was 28
  18. I posted a black one of this car in this thread. But its so fucking sexy that I aint even mad
  20. Assembled my new custom gaming controller for my carpc