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  1. Hey chuck, I dont know if its possible, but I think it would be a huge help to the chat if it showed how many people were currently in the chat room next to the link to live chat. Then people would see that there are already people in there and be much more apt to click on it.
  2. haha, seems like hes joking, but definitly wrong place to ask.
  3. yeah I must of checked every 10min for the entire 14 hours, this just shows you cant ever shut this site down cause if you do I cant be held responsible for my actions
  4. Im sure ill end up buying an engine stabilizer mount from then in the next 2 months, it isnt much, but its all I need right now.
  5. ok guys I just got done trying shrooms for my first time and wow, what a poking trip. That was one of the crazyiest nights of my life. I am a regular pothead but I was not ready for the colors and visuals of an eighth of shrooms. I dont think ill ever do it again, but it was nice to know its out there.
  6. This place has helped me with almost every volvo problem ive ever had. I would definitly shell out $20 just to keep reading the current site. And I think it would be sweet to have volvospeed email addresses. I figure with all the money I save not taking it to a mechanic, how can I not pay for this. This is a good idea guys, keep up the good work and thanks for keeping a site like this open for people like us.