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  1. I did but I couldnt find any with the mesh air stabilizer inside. Also, do you know why I cant check my stored codes with either Rev3 or 4 you posted earlier? It wouldnt send the sync byte for VOL-FCR. I am still getting an intermittent CEL.
  2. I don't want to break up this awesome discussion, but I just had to thank you Simply Volvo. I got my 19t tune from ARD about 2 years ago. I didnt have a 19t at the time, but would put one on shortly. When I did use the tune without the 19t I noticed that I was stuck at 14psi, and wouldn't go any higher. But the car didnt run very well either and I figured it was due to the 16t and maybe I had a boost leak. I didn't really think that much about it cause I was trying to get the car smogged and I was gonna be doing the RN swap with the 19t. I finally got around to installing the RN swap. Cost me thousands with engine, seals, turbo, polishing, parts and parts and parts. I replaced all the boost hoses again just in case that was the issue. Inspected all my hoses carefully for cracks, and didn't find anything. Reassembled it hoping one of the many parts I replaced was the problem. When I put it back together, the car was a LOT faster, but still stuck at 14psi. I was pretty happy with the new-found power between the turbo and engine swap so I didn't pursue it too much. Just kept it at 14psi. After about 8 months I started getting used to it I started trying to troubleshoot it. I replaced the BCS, still 14psi, then the CBV with the Forge valve, still 14psi, and finally got a kinugawa WG, still at 14psi! Months go by, I built a boost tester but have had quite a few issues getting it to work correctly and hold boost. I ended up popping a hole in the tester at 10psi so never really got to verify that it could hold 18 or not. Then the thread about ARD came up. I don't know why I put so much faith into them and never even considered that it could be the tune that has been at fault. But the more I thought about it that seemed like the most plausible explanation. I didn't have anyone local to let me try out another tune so this was my only option. I was finally able to borrow someones battery charger and laptop to let me flash tunes and I got some ECUs at the JY to test out and got your Rev3 tune onto an ECU. First time out I saw I hit 17psi then a loud pop. My heart dropped just a bit. The car died and wouldnt start. I sat and thought for a min and realized it sounded just like a IC hose popped off. Sure enough after hammering on my car for months on the old tune, the new tune managed to blow off my TB hose the first time out. I was definitely pushing more air! Tightened that hose down and all I can say is DAMN the car is so much faster now. Its as fast as it was before at 75% throttle on the new tune. My A/F ratios are better, my MPG is better and the power is better. I am slowly getting used to the new power and cant feel it too much (DMV just sent me a letter saying to cut the shit or bigger consequences will happen). Because my ARD tune was stuck at 14psi I can only assume he sent me and Orange tune instead of the Blue tune I paid for. I haven't contacted ARD yet. I am still a bit furious that it was the tune after fighting this issue for 2 years and spending thousands trying to make my car well, but no luck. I am just glad I didnt break anything. Thank you though for your help and now that I have a good base tune I can start learning how to make it even better. You are the asset to this community that ARD should have been. I will continue reading and learning this new language and hopefully get to shadows of your level eventually. Maybe I will even just pay you to do it for me. But for now, Thanks again!!
  3. Here is the non existent 1969 Corvette ZR1 Guy basically took what I assumed was a wrecked ZR1 and put every part he could onto his '69. Engine, hood window, wheels, ceramic brakes, suspension, mufflers, etc.
  4. Nope. Didnt know that. haha. Oh well. It was the easiest of the ECU modding I did.
  5. normally the stock ECU code for a 98 GLT is 458 cause thats the one I am using. Just finished the A/C modification, SAS delete, and the wires for the switch soldered. Waiting on the switches before I can start flashing
  6. Digging everything but the green tint. holy crap. The widebody is so sex. even in all carbon fiber...
  7. Actually, only one tree frog in the amazon is hallucinogenic. There is also a toad called the Colorado river toad that does the same thing. They secrete a drug called DMT, the most powerful hallucinogen on the planet. But its also found in more animals and plants then its not, its just the way the above mentioned frogs secret it that makes it easier to harvest. In fact, every person on this forum would test positive for it because we all produce it in our own brains. Its the reason you dream and the reason people have near death experiences cause of a massive dump of it just before death. But there are far easier and better ways to make it. The easiest being to extract it from certain tree's bark. So no, I will not be using these frogs to get high. lol. yeah my frogs wouldn't even be an appetizer for that beast.
  8. Scientific name is Dendrobates tinctorius or 'Azureus'. But they are generically called Poison Dart Frogs (even though they are not poisonous in captivity). There are dozens of colorations you can get.
  9. Early Christmas present from the girlfriend. Been wanting them since I was like 12, and they match my car!! lol. There are 6 frogs total.
  10. I already posted that video in the chicken shack video thread, you know, the one for videos...
  11. It said in the SS thread that he has been told about the thread and so far no replies by him. I would think he would at least address the comments about it.
  12. oh I didnt catch that, thanks for the clarification. It was an assumption on my part.
  13. B_Mac is a pretty sharp and solid dude. Seems like he would know.
  15. I think the front end looks kinda Austin Martinish. I kinda like it.