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  1. Yeah just because of the massive amount of maintenance, You can never do just one part on that engine ever because its technically two V6s mounted together, so two timing belts, two mafs, two of every single part/sensor on the entire engine. And both at BMW double cost. So it basically makes everything 4x more expensive then it should be. And thats if you are doing the work yourself. Plus the double amount of labor. Would rather keep the 8 and supercharge it if I needed more power and would be faster, cheaper and more reliable then the 12.
  2. ditto, although I would prefer the 840 over the 850
  3. Computer projection of Hussains car by next year
  4. You plan on mining bit coins with all those? Kinda late to that party.... haha Otherwise I cant imagine a need for that many.
  5. dont use tire shine or anything wax based because you will have adhesion issues with the showroom black from the residue
  6. Actually I just looked up the invoice. Total price for the flywheel and shipping was £290.92, or about $470. So the OEM must have been mid $200s
  7. haha too much.... I think it was just over $600. When I was looking I needed one ASAP and the Tasca had them for like $460, and TTV was like $620. After already having thousands in the project, whats another $160 between friends. Between the RN motor, the billet flywheel and the ARD pulley, I shaved like 25lbs off the rotating mass of the engine.
  8. well any dealer then. so DW has them for $200? Thats a crazy good price for the dealer. But not nearly as pretty as this. Even if no one ever sees it
  9. You bought that for $200 from tasca? When I priced it they were $400
  10. They make the billet flywheel that is stronger and like half the weight of the stock one for $1-200 more then you paid for a that one. What did you ask them? They got back to me quick when I ordered. I had it on my door 3 days after hitting buy. I couldnt believe how fast it shipped from the UK.
  11. I cant believe you bought a new OEM flywheel when TTV exists
  13. looking good man, but you need to do something with that trim
  14. haha nope. Thats pretty cool though
  15. Damn you must be getting up there in HP with all 3 motorsport emblems. I only have 2.
  16. Buddy just posted some pics of the new wheels on his S70 T5 SE. I really want to try them on my car but the tires are too big.