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  2. SNOPES FALSE Nonetheless, I agree with Cletus about the gov't being mired down and the two party system really is one elite party. Need a good purge to get real people back in there.
  3. Nope. It's why nobody really cares. They have some good cheese though and their salads are great. Getting hungry. How the hell is India? You must be worth a jizbillion dollars by now. Thought you might know about this dude as well, He's awesome...
  4. The Greek government and from the news I hear, see, read, many Greek activists have their head up their ass. They have had it there for some time. And I am half-Greek. They continually embarrass me. My relatives and whatnot are very cool folks but their leaders and lunatics are shameful.
  5. +1 Sadly, the vast majority. I get the feeling that hispanics, blacks, and religeous righters vote like schools of fish and flocks of birds. The rest are the lazy and/or lost.
  6. That's what I am afraid of if Hillary is is VP. Remember Whitewater and that close-aid who allegedly committed suicide?
  7. I meant mainly grocery items. And I think there is no debate on taco bell. Somethings are not relative. And broccoli is not relatively healthy. It is healthy. Zingers are not relatively healthy. They are unhealthy. But I love em.
  8. +1000 FINALLY someone who agrees with me. Once the average American's comfort level is disturbed, shit will happen. Until then, this is what will continue to go on. It is very sad how our leaders today are "stuck" and won't to do anything. To the Heallthcare point, IMHO, the solution to health care is to remove the HMOs from completely controlling it all. I propose: 1. Government funded preventative and routine care: Checkups, antibiotics, routine tests, emergency, tax credits for "fit" people, no sales tax on healthy foods, etc. 2. Competitive system for doctors, hospitals, and prescription drugs (to serve item 1 above), no insurance allowed until a cost or treatment threshold is reached (like cancer, etc). 3. Health insurance is encouraged for major medical costs and programs. 4. Clear healthcare policies must established on tough issues, such as Euhtanasia and access to high-cost treatments for those who cannot make payment.
  9. Front pads and rotors. Got scared of replacing the flexible lines. Maybe another time.
  10. Poor. Volvo should be able to offer 400hp models. Wuss-out IMHO. And to me, the S60R's performance was not at the same level as the cars it was competing against. It seemed to me to be some kind of middle ground in price and performance and ended up being nowhere. Beside, styling wise, Volvo's current lineup doesn't need much more. This just seems over the top.
  11. Nope. Not the same. I can yell at the TV all I want and no one answers... thankfully.
  12. I'm a lifelong Republican recently turned independent. Unlike most, I don't despise the Clintons at all. And I think that she was being sincere. It's first time I've detected a human (oid?) in her skin.
  13. It's a blatant and typical CNN report against gun ownership. Listen to the reporter he almost slows down when he says "S E M I A U T O M A T I C" handgun. If the shooter had a pistol, the reporter would have said "handgun" not "pistol". It's obvious when one actually looks at the report itself rather than its story. He could have just said had a "gun". He did say the victim only had a cell phone. Gee, poor thief. The pizza guy didn't get the memo in time. Take the info, sure it's valuable, but what's far more valuable is to recognize the provocative choice of words, delivery, and sequence editing in the piece CNN created to feed you. Obviously trying to muddle the moral clarity here. The community is scared. What a terrbile thing to have happen. What thing? The robbery or the shooting? CNN will try to leave every viewer looking at each other wondering.