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  1. Gun laws did a lot of good today in France. On a side note, Islam is completely about peace.
  2. So yea, allowing guns for police and military but what is going to stop them from taking every other right from you? The level of stupidity is high in your thought process. I mean most felons commit 90% of murders and they can't have guns.. Do you think anything is going to change if we just ban guns? I do... A lot more crime and an even more out of control government. Also, as far as the MAOA-L gene its pretty well understood but what isn't understood is the exact statistics on violent crime correlation because the government has basically blocked data collection on the subject. The reason is simple, MAOA-L problems are significantly higher in the African American community. Its scientific proof of genetic aggression differences between races. Blacks are 9x more likely to have the "warrior gene" then White. Asians have almost no chance of having the gene. P.S. You can only get the gene from your mother.
  3. So, you don't want the Police or Military to have Guns?
  4. So, every Liberal that is so Pro Gun Control (which is just utter bullshit anyways) Why not do genetic testing for 2-repeat allele (or less) MAOA-L Gene? Going off statistics and science its a much better benchmark for determining who might be a killer.
  5. Sherrod Brown is anything but middle of the road. He pushes through some of the worst legislation I have ever seen (example Monica Durban law). He is another Obama from an extremely liberal city as well. That being said, Rand Paul will be the next president. The people will vote in droves in conservative counties because the base will be extremely energized by his nomination.
  6. I don't know if there is a God but one thing is for certain science absolutely fucking hates the MSM community.
  7. Time to start the winter rebuild project. Hopefully, I can get the main chassis ready to put Volvo P1 next year in time attack.
  8. So here is my take on the subject. 1. ARD ME7 tunes are not bad because they are "off the shelf" but because they are BAD. 2. I want to applaud everyone who took the time to post up details of maps and even a easy explanation to why they are bad to people who have not dealt with ME7 3. I find it interesting that ARD doesn't even attempt to fix or explain the situation. No, they are in the wrong and know it. 4. The other interesting factoid is that its not just tunes that ARD seems to be having problems with lately a number of other products have been lacking. 5. I think this is a perfect example of the old adage "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink" 6. The thing I want you guys to take away from my post is this.. '> 7. I think its a shame that people would rather try to dis-credit this information then to hold a vendor accountable.
  9. Well, I am a pretty big supporter of the fair tax. People who want to tax corporations or businesses don't seem to understand its a tax on the people. I mean where do you think corporations get the money to pay the tax? They get it through an increase in the cost of the goods they sell. However, what makes this far worse isn't just this increase in cost of product but because of it many companies simply are not based out of the united states. That or they simply use tax loopholes to lower the corporate rate which is what every large corporation does to survive. However, what it effectively does is kill competition because smaller companies don't have the legal or tax lobbyist power of large corporations so they end up paying a much higher rate and thus have higher business cost simply because the government is incompetent. There is a reason we don't fix the tax loopholes because it would kill the economy almost instantly all I ask is that we don't hurt companies at all let them thrive and let competition actually happen on a level playing field.
  10. Are you that dumb? Who exactly do you think pays the corporate taxes?
  11. Why? Its absolutely retarded that we tax companies in the first place.
  12. He passed healthcare in his first term... Not really enjoying all the bending me over and fucking me in the ass so far.
  13. So cumulus loses who cares? Its much like shooting a golden egg... I don't listen to Rush but I know many who do I personally listen to Neal Boortz and even that is rare. .
  14. Its always the same old story with blacks.. I remember this quite well..