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  1. This trial is total B.S. beyond words the kid had it coming glad he is gone worthless P.O.S. The Martin family attorneys say the evidence is irrelevant. They are wrong. It is damning. The text messages and photos from Martin's cell phone tell a story wildly at odds with the one the State of Florida and the media have been peddling for more than a year, but one altogether truer and sadder. MARTIN: Cause man dat nigga snitched on me FRIEND: Bae y you always fightinqq man, you got suspended? MARTIN: Naw we thumped afta skool in a duckd off spot FRIEND: Ohh, Well Damee MARTIN: I lost da 1st round but won da 2nd nd 3rd . . . . FRIEND: Ohhh So It Wass 3 Rounds? Damn well at least yu wonn lol but yuu needa stop fighting bae Forreal MARTIN: Nay im not done with fool..... he gone hav 2 see me again FRIEND: Nooo... Stop, yuu waint gonn bee satisified till yuh suspended again, huh? MARTIN: Naw but he aint breed nuff 4 me, only his nose Proof that prosecution tried to hide Trayvon's pictures and texts... ORLANDO, Fla. -- A court employee who retrieved photos and deleted text messages from Trayvon Martin's cellphone has been placed on administrative leave after an attorney testified that prosecutors didn't properly turn over the evidence to the defense, an attorney said Wednesday. Former prosecutor Wesley White said he was ethically obligated to reveal that Fourth Judicial Circuit Information Technology Director Ben Kruidbos retrieved the data that weren't turned over. Kruidbos was placed on leave shortly after White testified during a hearing in George Zimmerman's second-degree murder case on Tuesday. White said Kruidbos was interviewed by state attorney investigators twice before the action was taken. White said he wasn't surprised of possible evidence violations by Zimmerman prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda. "I was saddened by it, but I'm not surprised," he said. White first learned about the evidence through Kruidbos more than a month ago, he said. Phone and email messages left at the office of Fourth Judicial Circuit State Attorney Angela Corey were not immediately returned. White led the Nassau County state attorney's office before resigning in December, citing differences of opinion with Corey. Trayvon Martin in morgue 3 days as 'John Doe' after mom reported him missing Great Parenting Trayvon facebook is pretty condemning as well. A history of stealing as we know the items found in the bag match missing items from recent robberies in the area. I don't know how anyone could defend this punk makes me sick.
  2. Damn, you are a ball washer. First, the IRS is a big deal but I guess even if your explanation stands of just a few people went rogue and I doubt that but lets just say that's how it happened. How is it possibly a good thing that the IRS can have a few people go rogue and do so without any recognition from their supervisors/directors. Then they don't even get noticed by anyone in the IRS but instead its the inspector general that figures this shit is going on. Second, are you seriously saying that the republican budget cuts effected security? Since we know that they didn't and further more we know that multiple security forces were told to stand down not to mention warnings of the situation in Libya getting worse going ignored. Also, we know without a doubt that within 24 hours the knew without question it was a terrorist attack. However, misleading and lying to the American people is A-OK Third, I will agree the AP deal is of course business as usual but I though the patriot act was shit and this is just a further grab of power. However, I find it interesting that BO knows nothing about anything. He simply plays golf and passes bills that have not been read as far as I can tell.
  3. I find it interesting that not a single one of these topics has been brought up in Volvospeed Political Discussions. I think the IRS scandal is by far the biggest smoking gun of how freaking shady Obama is. IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups. IRS workers' union chief met with Obama the day before the inquisition and persecution of Tea Party & other conservative groups began. IRS Chief Counsel used to represent Jeremiah Wright Talk about an attack on the free press but of course this is business as usual right? Gov't obtains wide AP phone records in probe. Obama DOJ formally accuses journalist in leak case of committing crimes. Then Bengazi? I think you guys already know... Talk about the perfect storm... Regardless Obama could have sex with a child on camera on the white house lawn and he wouldn't have any consequences. That being said I still found this image funny..
  4. Got the ring made but just recived it a few days ago and got engaged on sunday. Complete with some dirty pegs in the background!
  5. Sequestration is a joke I think its hilarious the government is more willing to make cuts to the working class then the leeching class. Yea, we are not doomed as a society at all.. Remove 1 Trillion from welfare..
  6. There are plenty of countries with lax gun laws that have very low crime rate. There is literally no correlation between gun laws and gun violence. Honestly, you would have a better chance of drawing a correlation of gun violence with many other statistics. In America the link to unemployment and urban areas is pretty staggering.
  7. I am curious what our CT members think of videos like this... I have to admit the reporting from the media on this as well as all official statements are very confusing and contradictory. I think even if there is nothing to reports such as this video on Youtube Its a complete shame that such poor reporting and transparency from news and government of events at sandy hook allowed conspiracy theorist this much traction.
  8. That post is like 9 years old! I forgot all about it! lol..
  9. (note website content was written in an afternon while multi-tasking need to revise it) However, I do about 50% repair and 50% performance and my specialty is in chassis/brakes/suspension setup.
  10. It was time to purchase one of these got it off craigslist for $200 usually around $500 new (This is a different add but same thing)
  11. Hunter L202 Alignment Rack for my shop. Cost new was $22,000 I got it for $1,500 its well used but its ramps are true and the slip plates and turn tables work good!
  12. I am curious to see how the DOW will react to this usually regardless of outcome it is a positive since there is some stabilization on what the next 4 years will look like.
  13. Social Issues... Stir the pot... Just saying... I am for social reform but its not going to be for more handouts and entitlements.
  14. http://newsbusters.o...s#ixzz2Aoy9BldZ Well, regardless MSNBC has got some A+ reporting on the subject of sandy :rolleyes:
  15. +1 changed my business model so I don't have to have employees. I would employee 3-4 but now its zero until the health care mandates change. I mean lets not forget large corporations already have exception from the law its the little guys that are getting hit hard by this legislation.
  16. My windshield is at 270,000mi .... Needless to say its sandblasted.. So I polished it and it seems better (not new but better)
  17. Texas don't give a fuck.
  18. Environmentally friendly rules and regulations increase the cost of production in almost every single industry. So when we have these increased costs and try to sell our products in a world economy our products cost more just one of many reasons. This push to put all of our money into a market that doesn't have global support there are very few markets that care about being green. A perfect example is fuel economy in cars because you can get great fuel economy without this added tax of being green. When a company starts looking for ways to be green it ends up spending additional money into there products that don't benefit the end target of being more fuel efficient like catalyst that are basically not needed on a direct injection motor. The auto industry in America has tons of added costs that increase the cost of the product that are simply not needed.
  19. I read the article but it points towards 2008-2009 markets but does not take into account holding out till markets improved.
  20. Read my earlier post about rolling over debt. I then add ""The federal government should provide guarantees for post-bankruptcy financing" Mitt Romney 2008 If they had done that and then the government said we will guarantee financing for lenders to GM we would have been able to secure the company without the current burdens or government take over. It would have streamlined GM and we wouldn't be looking to deal with the same problem again (Unions and Poor leadership). Obama saved the Unions he didn't save GM also this idea of Green creating jobs on a global market is down right funny. China puts alot of money into green and environmentally friendly jobs right? that is why they are growing so fast I bet.
  21. They didn't fix the issue with GM and the Union still has control we will be dealing with this mess again it wasn't the right way to go about things. Will they be allowed to fail this time because the markets are better? I can only hope. However, I have a feeling that front is going to come tumbling down as well if Obama get re-elected as the quantitative easing will fail and shit will hit the fan and will likely happen if Romney gets elected unless he works fast. You can't prop something up hoping growth will fix it when your growth rate is 1%.
  22. I counter that argument with you ignore the possibility of the existing creditors financing the emeging company by rolling over a portion of their debt. United Airlines stayed in Chapter 11 for over three years. And they actually reorganized. How long has Tribune been in Chapter 11? GM could have easily waited to emerge until the credit markets freed up. No need to rush the process. Also, i supported the government being a lender of last resort and providing the DIP. My problem is the taxpayer money used to foolishly try to prevent bankruptcy (which failed if you didnt notice) and jamming through a poorly thought out plan that only served one purpose, to protect the unions, which will ultimately hurt jobs in America.
  23. http://sphotos-c.ak....611968520_o.jpg Continentals (Re-badged Hoosiers) and they will get hot on the track in about a lap and a half but on the street on this car I can't get heat into them at all. There simply isn't enough car to get them hot enough to really become sticky.
  24. Yea, $250 but I also use this machine for business so it was a fantastic investment! My Volvo 850 specs are but each setup is different because you can't always get the perfect number. The relationship of the numbers can make more difference to handling characteristics then the numbers themselves. +.05 Toe per side front (+.10 Total) Positive is toe-in (Keep that in mind) -1.5degree camber , Max Camber possible by prying the bottom of the strut and tightening bolts +.08 toe per side rear -1.0 degree camber rear zero offset and all that good stuff. I didn't even bother to check caster because I have no way to adjust it same goes for corner weights. I have run into problems at -1.5 camber though on 17" pegs with big and wide tires (225/45/17 Racing slicks that I DD on) as it pushes the tire into the strut so got to get spacers if doing this on an 850.