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  8. Welded 90degree to turbo outlet Drill/Tap/Boost Source in Turbo Hooked up Tial 38mm to Boost Controller Installed downpipe E36 M3 (Previously 420whp on 12psi goal is 450whp+ on 15psi)
  9. There is alot wrong with how you see the world. 1. Its not Obama's Government its United States Government (He just leads the Executive Branch) 2. Social Security is about to be Broke and really people would have been much better off had they had the option to invest the money themselves over the long run. The return on investment for the American people has been extremely negative but again Socialist thought it could actually work! HAHA I guess, the same goes for Medicare and whatever other programs the socialist have tried to implement and have over the years turned into the giant problems we are dealing with today. 3. Free Access To Education? We pay for it its not free. Also, its one of the worst $ to results systems in the world because the government is in control. Let the money follow the kids and give them choice. Make Education a free market with government backed vouchers and then you will see how bad the government and teachers unions really are. 4 This one really had me laughing... so I made it bold in your post. Really, the government has a magical ability to create actual wealth? No they can create debt and inflate currency but they cannot create wealth. So again, this is payed for by the hard working American people (about 50% of the population) 5. The government regulates our economy and I agree. Lets all see how that is going? Yep, pretty much sucks because of many reasons that are spawned from the results of socialism such as corporate taxes. "AKA, lets make all our companies want to leave because we make them struggle on a world market". I would say alot more but simply put I don't really care enough to argue it. 6. Seriously, you want to government to control what people eat? Maybe they will make everyone who is fat go to a camp and put them on the Auschwitz diet! :(
  10. I read Volvospeed and Rennlist most of the time. That being said magazine wise the only reliable source I use is Jegs and Summit. -Your Pal |^FiShEy^|
  11. Well, come on with it. I am simply brining up the subject again since people seem to disagree on the current administration pushing a socialist agenda. Also, any reply that refers to bush is not a valid answer and you will be ridiculed at your own retardation if you talk about any other administration.
  12. I am still waiting on a sound debate on how Obama and his administration are not Socialist.
  13. I would have to disagree with you 100%. We currently live in a Socialist society. As Proof I give you some very important facts. 1. We have redistribution of wealth like welfare,financial aid, tax rates based on income levels. 2. We have a government controlled marketplace. They make the rules for the market place. (The banking system or Health care are great examples) 3. We have government controlled companies competing in the marketplace. (Think GM, Freddy, Fanny, Post Office, Amcrack) Now, to say we have not made a move towards socialism even further under this President and Congress is to simply put your head in the sand with ignorance 1. Bailouts of Banks & Automakers (As well as general stimulus) 2. Healthcare Reform (Government says you have to buy this etc.. etc.. ) 3. Whats the deal with the Czars? Oh that is right they are there to "Regulate" (Like Warren G I think) 3. Also, what agendas are they trying to push through currently? Net Neutrality! *Socialist to the core* No, its not your network you can't do what you want we the government should have control! YAR YAR YAR! Sorry, but I have to disagree with you on this
  14. I smell a giant lawsuit.
  15. We sure can but the Qu'ran has already answered this for us as well. Generally, speaking in the Qu'ran There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them. This subject is well documented in writing and in historical events So, when the religion itself says it's not only approved by encouraged to lie to non-believers to advance the faith I can't help but counter point that any condemned action by any Muslim is in fact a lie approved by the faith in order to gain trust. -Your Pal Fishey
  16. I disagree, if you have read anything on Islam you would know the first of the five pillars is Shahada. Shahada is basically accepting everything as written in the Qur’an as it is written. However, when you read the Qur'an (I have not read the whole thing but I have skimmed a few passages posted by members in another forum) you find that the Qur'an has a very much different set of rules then that of the bible when reading. That is Abrogation in which later passages void out the earlier passages so if there is a topic that has conflicting ideas you always follow the later. As such if you read it correctly you find that Islam isn't a religion of peace at all because all the peaceful messages are voided by hateful ones in later readings. -Your Pal Fishey
  17. All I can say is be happy that I am not running Arizona because I would use this.. U.S. Constitution - Article 1 Section 10 Last line "No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay" Given that they are illegal and sponsered by the government of Mexico I would justify it as an Invasion. So as a state declair war on Mexico. Take military to the border and anyone who comes over is now a POW and will be put into a FEMA Camp I would put it on the mexican government to control their citizens and if they failed to do so or expect tanks to start rolling.. Then again there is a reason I am not in politics..
  18. Sure, on a N/A car.. I am not even going to waste my breath until someone else can conclude how a motor works..
  19. Exhaust can't go back into the chamber because its getting forced out. Also, remember the turbocharger is getting pressed on by the exhaust gas but it also makes it a one way trip for exhaust flow.
  20. I disagree with your blanket statement of "Moar is Better" The first and most simple to understand is "Overlap". On a turbocharged car "Overlap" beyond a very small amount will reduce your engines effectiveness. As air enters the cylinder on a turbocharged car its being pushed in via the turbocharger. This means we don't have to worry about "Cylinder filling, RPM and Lag of a N/A engine" However, we do have to worry about overlap because as air enters the engine the more overlap we have the more air we are simply pushing out the exhaust side. This air is obviously just being wasted and because 90% of the people on this forum have very small turbochargers you can't afford this waste. (Note, I am generalizing here there becomes a point were this gets far more complicated and I don't want to take it any further) With a larger turbo run the intake cam only or go aftermarket. I have alot more I can say on the topic but to be totally honest I don't really care.
  21. Well, I am thinking something like this.. Now, that is a bit scary
  22. I saw a advertisement the other day that was about pro-universal healthcare it was supported by the drug companies. So I don't wonder who is trying to push this through and Its easy to understand why they would want obamas plan.