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  1. Just something to think about..
  2. You should really figure out what your posting before you do so... Human Development Index has nothing to do with healthcare as a matter of fact the fact that you posted as you did makes it easy to see your someone who just accepts what people tell them instead of looking shit up for yourself. HDI is about development of a country not about in anyway healthcare it is calculated on these principles. The HDI combines normalized measures of life expectancy, literacy, educational attainment, and GDP per capita for countries worldwide. Now, since we are on the subject can you tell me why we are falling behind on the HDI? Its very simple to understand once you pull your head out of your ass. Education, plain and simple education is where we are falling behind in leaps and bounds because of public education.
  3. Cap and trade bill I actually have read about 200-300 pages of this bill, specific to a section called "Global Warming Pollution Reduction Program" Say good-bye to the marine and RV industry or whats left of it. I have a boat thats got 2X 496's and I will be hit with a carbon/emissions tax TBT or mandaited EPA standards. You own a high HP car with less than yet to be determined mileage standards for used cars your gonna pay a additional carbon tax. This thing is nuts and those that are pushing for it. Read part of this HR2454 bill you would change your mind even if you voted for these boobs. From another board but I couldn't have said it much better..
  4. I don't have much of an opinion on pharmaceutical companies but part of the reason there cost is so high is FDA approval isn't cheap. Secondly, Healthcare and insurance both are in the shit because of the government not because of capitalism.
  5. not saying Bush was good but Obama makes his economic skills look brilliant (and he was BAD) so just imagine how bad Obama is? Seriously what make Bush so bad Obama is doing but on a scale far far greater.
  6. Your a retard plain and simple.. First, The reason GM is failing is because of the Unions and the US Government. (Labor Rates/Tax Rates but I bet you don't understand that) Second, Read the News and find out about the bankruptcy and the talks about bond holders vs government (This shit is downright scary) Third, I am guessing you have no idea why its scary to think about the government abolishing private rights to funding practices as we could see with GM. Fourth, Why is it scary? Simple why invest in a company if by law you have no security? Private funding will drop and socialism will have to replace the hole left behind. Fifth, As seen by the information we have on our socialistic programs (SS and Medicade as examples) this is bad news.. Sixth, Do not live under a rock -Your Pal Fishey
  7. Its just another failure of Socialist Ideology.
  8. It was just a test run of his final solution to destroying the USA if all of his terrible policys some how fail to do ths job. -Your Pal Fishey
  9. Just make it illegal to vote if you are on welfare or stop welfare.
  10. Set includes the following: • 11" long reach long nose • 11" Long reach 45° bent nose • 11" Long reach large head gripper • 11" Long reach medium head gripper • 10" Tongue and groove • 8" Slip joint • 9" Linesman • 8" Long nose • 8" Combination • 4" Precision diagonal • 4" Precision end nipper • 4-1/2" Precision duck bill • 4-12" Precision long nose • 4-1/2" Precision bent long nose
  11. Damn, I bad mouth VS all the time and not even a mention? I figured I would have pissed someone off.
  12. Your friends are part of a cult as is every religion but have you even read the Qur'ān? or even better some interpretation guide of it? The Islamic faith was created by someone who had OCD its that simple. I just get a laugh about the page disclaimer at the start of every Qur'ān about how it isn't really the Qur'ān because translation and I cannot help but wonder if they get the same disclaimer in Arabic version.
  13. First, we have 42mpg+ diesel its called the TDI Second, I love your liberal theory about gas tax causing car companies to only build gas cars since the government wants more taxes. Except that there are import cars and from what I understand they don't have the same government or the same tax regulations. Third, the reason we don't see clean air diesel is simple, it hasn't been required and to add the equipment to do it isn't as cheap as a gas car. Fourth, we wouldn't need oil rigs if we didn't have drilling restrictions Fifth, do you even know who it the biggest importer of oil is to the USA? Six, I bet you can't stand to see oil companies turn a profit and you agree with Hillary that those profits should be taken and used towards alternative fuels? am I right? -Your Pal Fishey
  14. I have no doubts the sleeves cracked from high cylinder temp not because of power. -Fishey (Sorry for bringing a post back from the dead) Power Cracking Also, notice in the evolve car picture that the cracks are only found between the cylinders (hottest point) not at the weakest point of the block (being the sides away from the Siamesed cylinders). Then you can also see that the tops of the sleeves the metal looks as if it got very hot. I would really like to see a picture of the head and the valves removed. I would have to say the failure from what I can see is caused by improper tuning causeing to much heat!
  15. First, you need to know a few things and I don't know them. What is the compression ratio? What is the timing of the chip? What is stock timing? What is the knock setting of the ecu? (aka. what is the computer knock sensors looking for?)
  16. This has to be the worst discussion I have ever read! There is absolutely no calculations in this thread and the whole thing is filled with worthless opinions that are like assholes they all stink.