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  1. Brain, what's up man. Lovely family you have bro! I have the 855 still, but parked in a garage for years, as usual. And I have the A4 Avant back. K04 and body repairs done. Just dialing in the tune.
  2. You recognized Mesoam from his pubes? sounds about right.
  3. How about an OG Zoom?
  4. Raf, I have 2 numbers for you, homie. A (209) and a (925). Let me know which, or hit me up at the same number (323) I've had since 1998
  5. Dannon Oikos Full House. Best commercial of SB48. Uncle Jesse still has it.

  6. They don't need no stinkin' D-Rose!

  7. yeah, i received mine yesterday, and by the way the cardboard was flexing, i thought it was probably broken, but's all good...nice looking piece. i'll have to install it in 2015
  8. Nooooo.....Russellllllllllll!

  9. Email was compromised yesterday. If you received an email with a link from me, disregard it. If I ever personally send you an email, it won't ever be a forward, and it will have a clear and specific subject/title.

  10. yeah, it's a precision laser device....need to minimize interference so that when a laser is shot, it really has the best chance at detection.... I was thinking about cutting rectangles into the mesh of the grill and mount the sensors from the inside-out, but it would have yielded very similar results to just mounting them out front....atleast this way I salvaged the grill if I ever get rid of the sensors...
  11. Hussein, I didn't take many pics of the welding to close the handle recessions.....that was done about 7 years ago.....but it was done properly ie the handles were removed and metal plates were welded in (rather than just filling with bondo lol)....same was done to close the recessions where the grey plastic bump trim was on the fenders and doors.... as far as poppers are concerned....they are just normal solenoids under the door panels that pull the handles when the relay for that particular door is activated. I was so busy at work while all the work was being done that I never got a chance to come around to take pictures.
  12. I was also looking for a nice touchscreen/nav setup for the car so that I wouldn't have boredom during my drives, and so that I could get around easily in San Antonio etc.....I already had an aftermarket setup, so I sold that and started my hunt for a headunit that would do everything i need....BT, Nav, connect to the overhead screen, dual zone, HD, Pandora, USB, etc.....and at the same time i wanted a backup camera... I went against everything Steve told me, and bought a $15 CMOS license plate camera off of Ebay from China.....install was pretty simple...had to remove the tailgate, and I did the clips at the same time....had to run the wiring behind the handle/lock panel without drilling any holes....just added a rubber washer in the screw hole i ran the cables through.... Since I didn't have a headunit, I connected it to the overhead, and I have to say...i can't tell any difference in picture quality between this and my neighbor's Alpine CMOS.....If this things goes for a year, at $15 I'm very happy....great unit and you can't see it mounted on the plate, and you can't see the wiring either....
  13. So, during this time, I was planning to take the car with me to San Antonio for the next 2 years of school, so most of this was just cheaper and easy small stuff I needed to do to get it ready for daily driving. One of the "bigger" things I wanted to do was to have some type of defense in the after some research, I settled on getting LI along with the 9500ix radar detector. I spent a couple of hours mounting the sensors in front of the grill using zip ties and a level. For optimal performance, the sensors should be parallel to the road, and facing straight forward, and as close to the headlights as possible. I had to cut small slits in the mesh of the grill to push the wiring through, and I ran it under the the fire protector on the underside of the hood, to the passenger side and through the pass through in the firewall (same one I have the TT USB cable running through). Then the wiring made a turn to underneath the drivers knee bolster, where I have a bunch of wiring and power/ground sources anyway. The CPU is located in there. Then, I had to mount the power switch and parking aid toggle somewhere accessible, and the easiest part to drill holes into and be able to replace in the future if need be was the cover down there. Towards the top is the power switch for the LI, and just below it is the parking aid switch/toggle. I don't like any wiring showing, so I got a hardwire kit for the passport, and a rear view mirror mount for it....this was pretty simple and straight forward. If any of you buy the mirror mount, know that you will have to trim the screws down a bit in order for the radar detector to mount in at a good angle, and to maintain adjustability for the rear view mirror...otherwise the mirror will hit the backs of the screws and won't budge... Below, you can see the radar detector mounted, and you can also see the "short" shift and knob I went the setup. In the above picture, you may also notice the wiper arms....i hadn't done anything with the wipers in probably 10 years....remember, I lived in Los Angeles, and we rarely had rain there, and when we did, rain-x treatment took care of me, so I never used the wipers....suffice to say the blades were not in good shape front or on the rear V90 wiper. I went ahead and ordered some Piaa Si-techs for the front and just a basic valeo for the rear. This was in preparation for my test trip to San Antonio to make sure the car was capable of getting to most places that I will need to go for the next 2 years. The bumper is still a surprise in this....i'll have to post pics of the car later after all of the small talk here!