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  1. i guess it's time to finally do my write-up on a viper 791xv resopnder. I took a bunch of pics but never but them together :P
  2. PyROZen

    Life Sucks

    sigh, another crappy day at work. got there at 1pm and it seemed that no one wanted the big job of the day so they waited for me to get there. 6 speakers, 2 subs, a mono and 4 channel amp, a capacitor, 6 speakers and a deck in a '99 suburban. When i arrived the speaker wire and rca's were ran throug hte dash and that was it. i had 6hrs to complete the job and it was definitly not happening. i got the amps and cap wired up in about 2 hours, while everyone else played wiffleball out back. I was getting seriously frustrated so i chucked a huge bolt at the wall, which got everyone attention so they finally started helping me. We ened up getting it out the door at 7:30(we close at 7) but then i found out the ticket was split 3 ways, so i only got maybe $50 for the whole ordeal. not to mention thanksgiving is on thursday which means another round of everyone asking me "where's your girlfriend", then i say "I don't have one", then they say "why not?", and i say "i don't know", then they walk away like i'm a fricking loser. totally unhappy with my life right now, tons of bills, a messed up car to fix, no GF and i don't even have any friends who are girls to begin with can someone tell me wtf is wrong with me? i'm just gonna stop now before i fill 2 pages with my isht. lee :(
  3. so today was my 3rd day at Audio Express as an installer. It was slow as stuff today, i didn't even touch a car, and the cars that did come through got snatched up by the other new guy. This guy started 2 days before me, is the same age as me, but has been installing stereos for 2 years as a job. He has been making me look like aa jerk for the past 2 days he's not doing it on purpose (i don't think) but since he's done it before he's okay, while every car i've gotten so far was not a straight forward install. I love working there but right now i feel like a total dumbass, and if things keep going this way...
  4. finished painting my door handles today and they turned out really good. I'll post some pics tomarrow when i wake up. Still looking for new trim pieces, hopfully i find them soon because i'm sick of driving around with only 5 pieces on the car ghetto!
  5. - Rule #3: Park your city below sea level, and natural selection will clear the gene pool. yeah, so lets blame the city for destroying itself. The state applied for emergency help but no one was around to heed the call. Bush on vaction, FEMA guy is a freakin nice guy. Have anyone of you seen the interviews these people have given???? They are all just Bush's good-ol-boys and now we get to see what they're really made of, and it's stuff. by the way, the fema guy is not a nice guy.... the word filter is.
  6. history is written by the winners by friend. History classes in American schools are particularly crappy when it comes to useful stuff. Why did i ever have to learn about the Triumverate in egypt, and technotetilion (sp?), and the Aztecs? I understand it's "history" but history is only useful if it relates to present day. I think instead of a "history" class, it should be replaced with a world cultures class that teaches about PRESENT DAY life in other countries. Also, Social studies had been my most hated class all through school. thank god i never have to do it again.
  7. ^word i never mess with canadians anyways, I'd hate to have an angry canadian sic their polar bear on me and then lock me inside an igloo. J/k eh?!
  8. stand up, take of your hat and put your hand over your heart. Try and sing along, if your american and you don't know the words to our national anthem, WTH! it's not that long, jeez
  9. actually everyone but germany won but if we wouldn't have jumped in, Europe would be a very different place these days. as for immigrants, i can understand why tey come here. The Us needs a better policy, allowing people to stay here just because they had a child here makes no sense at all. I work with 3 mexicans, and they work just as hard as i do. Also, most mexicans can speak English but their content to let you think they're just a "stupid immigrant" because it makes it easier for them. I can't tell you how many times my boss tells one of them to do something and they pretend they don't understand, then i'll be talking to them 5 mins later. they're not stupid, they want the good life just like everyone else. Wouldn't you do whatever was in your power to make that happen?
  10. kevin has my vote, hes on here constantly. His posts might not always be the most helpful but he keeps the chatter goin between everyone
  11. anyone else remember when the US accidently bombed those Iraqi factories and found out that nothing was in them? Colombine shooting happened at the exact time so you didn't hear about the bombings till weeks later. Could Terri be another sneaky government bait-and-switch? I smell conspiracy! Gimmie my tinfoil hat quick! Seriously though, the parents say that Terri has been suffering due to lack of food, but how about the pain of laying in the same spot for 15 years, unable to move! They talk about having mercy, but mercy would have been letting her pass a long time ago.
  12. let the poor woman die. She's not going to "feel" herself starving and suffering because she is brain dead. If someone has no hope of waking up, just let them move on. I understand her parents position but keeping her alive for 15 years by machines seems much worse than letting her die 15 years ago.
  13. okay, how funny would WW2 have been if the Allies had this stuff at D-Day Imagine when hitler finds out his sea wall was breached because his "pure race" infantry all dropped their guns and started making-out with each other :lol:
  14. yes, plz post this up it sounds very interesting. I actually had to to a paper for my Lit class last quater and my group topic ended up being Pro-Terrorism that was the hardest paper to write EVER! not to mention the class looked at us like we were terrorists just for writing the paper.
  15. very intersting post above, i didn't know alaskans got checks every year. I think that would change the way iraqi's think about oil. Of course you have to wrestle all that $$$ away from the rich guys who've owned the pipeline for however many years. 25% of the income from alaskan oil wells is alot of money, 25% of the income from Middle-Eastern oil wells would rocket Iraq from semi-3rd world status to the richest country in the world :lol: