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  1. Joe let me think about it for a day or two...I need to make sure I don't actually *need* anything before I go buy spacers for the rear....
  2. so how much for a pair of 5mm spacers with lugs and shipping? total?
  3. did you try backing the parking brake off?
  4. The pregnant girl was driving? She stopped in the middle of the road? You have absolutely zero recourse? I'd seriously talk to a lawyer before you goto the police station....unless you are a lawyer and know every single traffic law glad nobody was hurt
  5. I'm guessing OEM Rotors and OEM Pads? Too bad nobody makes an adapter for the 850/x70s for these brakes...I'd think we'd all have them now if they were this cheap
  6. ummm yeah but mine are worn out already anyways....they don't really rub at full lock...but they do hit the mudflap at low speeds...I think I'm gonna get the fenders rolled and see if that helps at all... either way, they sure make a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEE difference in handling...the car actually feels A LOT better with the wider track tires....seriously, probably the most noticable thing I've done in my car in a long time...
  7. I'm just gonna start saying yes...its just easier than explaining that its a T5 with more power and blah blah blah
  8. lol...I've had more people come up to me in the past 3 days and ask me if its an R....
  9. damnit, I really like the wide-jerk tire (as opposed to 235) but....maybe I'll roll the fenders and see if it still rubs... I guess 225 would be cheaper though
  10. cuz they were dirt cheap.... ok, so 235/45/17 is slightly big...whats a good tire size for when I'm ready to replace the Pzeros? 225/40? 235/35?
  11. I honestly spend more money on my car than anything else...seriously, its a disgusting habit and I must break myself of it... Spent $140 on hoses the day before too!