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  1. He's universally voted for by liberal and conservative Arizonans. He's actually taking heat right now for his views on illegal immigrants, because he feels they should sit in jail rather than be deported. I'm just a fan of any politician that's a straight shooter and doens't monkey around.
  2. Rednecks and cheating in the same sentence? OMFG What has America come to? They need to go all-out either way: ban them from several races like Chuck or Greg suggested, or just say "monkey rules" and let them do whatever they want:
  3. That was fun. Back to trolling VS and pretending I'm studying my Signals homework.
  4. I'm posting in here posthumously, as last night's drunken adventures ended up with a female in my domecile. It would have been rude of me to keep her waiting. :tup:
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Was waiting for that to come up. Chuck taught me all about the beauty of closed-deck! Too bad a model company that does performance engineering like Evolve didn't think of it, though. How much was this car? Edit: When you look at the article, all you see is pictures of the styling. If they were truly proud of the engineering they should have shown under the hood instead of a snapshot of the stupid hood leuvers.
  6. Thought it felt a little more roomy in here... *aahhh* Time to use the space! :lol:
  7. Can admins still see the edits anyway?
  8. Only in a perfect world would replacing a server make it spam-proof. If you ever figure that out, you'll win a pulitzer prize and more. Unfortunately, assholes and spam go hand in hand. There will always be spammers and there will always be a need for anto-spamification, it's a vicious cycle.
  9. I'll buy you a beer if FedEx will let me send it!
  10. Tell them it's educational biology. I don't know where you work, but that usually flies. Three years seems like a long time for a server, especially one as busy as this! I usually replace my computer every year and a half or so...
  11. Amen. I should have a couple goodies ready to go up on the auctions site very soon! :ph34r:
  12. Mine came up just fine. It is taking for ever though, where the HELL is my latte?
  13. I lost my avatar... can we put that back? :P