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  1. I hope the people across the street don't trip over that exhaust tip.
  2. Considering that motor/tranny combo is just about as big as Red, I'd be better off strapping Red's seats to the Mooooopar power. No no, that's going to be twice the current power for the Bee.
  3. 1971 440 (7.2L) big block with Torqueflite B tranny.
  4. Now that I actually have them, I was thinking the same thing for the Volvo, putting a cutout on the DP. My neighbor has a cutout on his Grand National and the turbo spool sound is incredible through it!!!!! I'm just wondering what kind of issues would arise depending on placement and the O2 sensors and not triggering a CEL. Would have to be after the first O2 sensor for sure, and with no exhaust going past the second O2 I'm hoping the car would think everythings AOK.
  5. Yes, going on the Bee's 3" exhaust so its optional open headers FTW!!!
  6. Yea no doubt!! I tripped over that exhaust tip just looking at the picture.
  7. yes, much cleaner and better flow. Now I need to clean up the area better and do some paint touch up before the car shows start this summer.
  8. Did this Thursday, the day before leaving for Carlisle. It used to look like this. Hardest part was getting the new piping setup to clear the cap. Took two different coupler setups to get it to work and several hours trouble shooting the setup to figure out what was choking the air under boost. Discovered it was the plastic OEM accordian piece that is sticking through the radiator drawing in the air. Under boost the car would fall on it's face and would go richer than normal so it was lacking oxygen. Got a piece of 3" PCV pipe and clamped it inside the plastic piece that was collapsing and problem solved. Car seems a bit more torquey in the low end.
  9. Installed new OEM rain diverters/gutters on Red. And over the weekend pulled the intake off to fix a broken intake gasket, and installed a new crank position sensor.
  10. Installed new shifter cables, shifter ball socket, and Royal Purple tranny fluid!!!