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  1. Charcoal gray floor mats for an S70. The rear floor mats are brand new and have never been in a car. The passenger front is from my now sold 1998 S70, and is pretty much new. It's two rear mats, and one passenger front mat. $80 shipped within Cont US, or might do local delivery. Paypal accepted.
  2. Stumbled across this R today near my home. Guy was the fifth owner of it. A DC car. Not bad, but needs some TLC compared to Red.
  3. Hey Darnell, yep, still in the same area. Haven't moved to the Netherlands yet.
  4. Yes, it was the Drivers Gallery Cars and Coffee.
  5. Ever since I got my 1969 Dodge Super Bee, Red has been ignored and left to sit in my garage during the summer and stored away in the winter. But since I sold my Quaife to a fellow member, I figured I should take Red to a tuner show and drop off the Quaife. She still looks good. I went to Sweden back in July 1998 to take delivery and spirit her around Sweden. 22 years old and only 126K miles.
  6. I hope the people across the street don't trip over that exhaust tip.
  7. Considering that motor/tranny combo is just about as big as Red, I'd be better off strapping Red's seats to the Mooooopar power. No no, that's going to be twice the current power for the Bee.
  8. 1971 440 (7.2L) big block with Torqueflite B tranny.
  9. Now that I actually have them, I was thinking the same thing for the Volvo, putting a cutout on the DP. My neighbor has a cutout on his Grand National and the turbo spool sound is incredible through it!!!!! I'm just wondering what kind of issues would arise depending on placement and the O2 sensors and not triggering a CEL. Would have to be after the first O2 sensor for sure, and with no exhaust going past the second O2 I'm hoping the car would think everythings AOK.
  10. Yes, going on the Bee's 3" exhaust so its optional open headers FTW!!!
  11. Yea no doubt!! I tripped over that exhaust tip just looking at the picture.