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  1. As long as the piping has beads or flares on the ends (all OEM ones do), worm clamps will work just fine. With no beads or ribs, worm clamps "may" still work, but T bolt is guaranteed.
  2. Ah I told you months ago that this was the issue! I have almost the same turbo and had the same exact problem. Venting to atmosphere solved everything.
  3. Concerning the 850's, a setup like that is actually safer than stock considering that the only anchorage is on the bottom of the spring.
  4. You are looking at it the wrong way. There is no force on the clamp unless the car is jacked up or the rear end goes completely airborne. Its just to hold a non pigtailed spring in the cup when the car is jacked or the rear end leaves the ground. Ive had my springs like that for over 3 years, with just a super thick zip tie, no problems...yet :lol:
  5. Was just going to mention that. It looks awesome, so I can't complain.
  6. Just posted this the other day in my thread, but Ill play. Man those new V6 Mustangs are no joke, according to timeslips on, right off the floor, they will burn most of the cars here on VS.
  7. For those who feel that they are on the right track, you can expand a bit on this subject. Every year during Thanksgiving time, people probably mention, "What are you thankful for?" This year, try to turn it around, and ask yourself "Who is thankful for me?" Start now, so that by November, you can have a few answers to the question.
  8. What is the ratio of public debt to GDP in Belgium?
  9. How do you plan on mounting that exhaust flange to the R manifold?
  10. I had a similar problem with my Hahn 16g. I was blowing oil smoke out of the exhaust, presumably due to high crankcase pressure from oil blowby. I added a catch can and the problem got even worse. I ended up setting up a simple road draft tube, meaning I ran a hose from the PCV outlet all the way down to the bottom of the car and just left the tube open there. After that mod, no more smoke out of the exhaust, just a bit of oil smoke from the PCV vent to atmosphere. Its by no means a permanent solution, but its a good test, I thought the turbo was blown until I tried the draft tube approach.
  11. Do you have the law and code which states this? What do you mean by aftermarket? If my hypothetical Honda Accord exhaust rusts out, Advance Auto parts sells an aftermarket exhaust which mimics the stock setup. Answered my own question I find it interesting that the Ferrari 599 has an electronic exhaust cutout and is sold in Florida in spite of this code: "No person shall use a muffler cutout, bypass or similar device upon a vehicle on a highway. "
  12. Its scary how many Nazis fled to Argentina after the war. Anways when I was in eastern Spain this summer, the people looked as white as any other non-hispanic Europeans and Americans.
  13. I completely agree with you, I did not give my opinion on the original matter, I simply stated that it is possible to live in the U.S without speaking english when he said that it was not.
  14. Then you are blatantly ignoring the truth that it is possible to live in the United States and not speak english.