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  1. As Mark stated "Good Luck" My 850t is also running on MS3 Pro also
  2. 854TGA+

    Eriks 850

    Nice intake manifold, throttle body is on the wrong side
  3. Incredible project H. I will be sharing this with my old Boss, he's a Fiat freak!
  4. What's the name of your shop Mike?
  5. Very interesting, copper gasket! Scary expensive but so is your build! Is it exactly the same as your factory gasket? More holes less holes? Does having Darton sleeves change coolant circulation? In the photo (cyl.#1) you can see the Darton sleeve.
  6. 854TGA+

    Eriks 850

    Nice ride Erik! Send me your old wheels ;')
  7. Looks awesome Bud! My block is still waiting in line at machine shop for sleeve install. Can you put a straight edge on your block and measure how high the shop left your sleeves?
  8. I touched base with my Wiseco contact: Hi Trent, The skirt breaking off like that is really strange. Excessive piston to cylinder wall clearance could cause that. The piston would be rocking in the cylinder. If the piston came into contact with something, that could also cause the skirt to break off. If you’d like to send them to us, Harvey here could take a look at them. We could send them down to the lab at the factory for review. Best regards, Adam Silverthorn PMI Canada / Wiseco Piston Canada
  9. Also, one can wonder what the structural implications of the piston damage on page 127 had?
  10. 854TGA+

    Project Blackt5

    Well done Mark! What what, you installed the screamer pipe? Pass somebody and stand on it! It'll scare the dodo out of them! Lol. Glad it's up and running Bro.
  11. Awesome job H! I should be back playing with my 850t this fall. Cheers T
  12. I thought the same thing? Tall bench or short welder! Lol
  13. 854TGA+

    Project Blackt5

    I mentioned to Mark that I have a couple lifters that do the same thing. Zero lifter tick detected when my motor was together and running.
  14. Nice selection of coils, one of my tuners favorites! Engine looks awesome H!
  15. The magic number in Canada is 7c for snow tire installation / Quebec is the only province that have made snow tires mandatory. Mind you 90% of our customers run snows.
  16. You Mr H., are so lucky to have a personal closed air strip to tune on.
  17. Colour on the 850 is spot on! Excellent attention to detail as usual.
  18. Is the heat shield really required? The bunch of bananas look too cool H. Don't hide them!
  19. H you better start feeding that light weight My new pig weighed in at 22lbs
  20. Very impressive H, I would be bleeding everywhere. How heavy is that exhaust manifold?