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  1. Lol Clearanced it did you?.... Mines now in,running and on the road...
  2. Thank you so much for this its come at just the right time. I got mine running today, its a very similar setup to yours except I've had to keep the existing Thermostat housing as one of the bolts was VERY tight and I didnt want to chance snapping it when I have to get the car running to be back in work on Monday. I've managed to get both fuel lines to go over the engine but I'm a little concerned about them being so close to the back of the engine. Can I ask how you've managed to get the front of the engine cover to fit in place with the older power steering pump and tensioner etc? I put mine in place today and the front cover interferes with the fitment (I'm still using the bracket for the aircon pump and alternator off my old engine)
  3. So the motor in my R has finally pushed me too far and I've recently bought a low mileage RN engine out of a 2003 S60, I've managed to sort all the plumbing out for the turbo but I'm stumped by what to do with the fuel lines, the older cars have them running up the back of the block but apparently the newer cars have them coming up the front, has anyone else done this swap? did you also keep and modify the thermostat housing or did you swap that as well? Any help appreciated as I'm in the middle of the swap at the minute and I'm back at work next week so I need it back together in the next couple of days.
  4. How she sat at a recent classic car show.
  5. Made one good centre console out of two for my 98 Silver manual R, fitted a load cover, started to strip down my Nebs for a repaint.
  6. Soon to be stripped, re painted and on my R
  7. tomcat

    Andy's 1999 V70 R

    Nice build thread Andy, you've got some nice mods there.
  8. So far... Still lots to be done..
  9. Lmao.... Ooooooh sorry, I thought this was for proper Volvo's..
  10. Taken at a recent meet.. And just after fitting the headlights.
  11. Thanks Kev, Yeah I do miss it, shame it never really got finished how I wanted it. Might do another if I ever get the money, for now though the R's staying, I'll put a build thread up when I get a minute.
  12. Here's how mine currently sits..
  13. Tried to work out why the handbrake isn't working, took all morning to realise that one of the cables is snapped, also finished putting the engine back together and cleaned up the grey plastic on the bumpers..New handbrake cable tomorrow.....hopefully.
  14. Replaced the ABS pump assembly, it had been leaking for a looong time, whilst I was removing stuff I pulled the battery tray and airbox out to clean all the accumulated crap that had gathered underneath them. I was really dreading doing the ABS replacement but it turned out to be a lot more straight forward than I though it was going to be. Still got to replace the fuel pump for the Walbro I've recently acquired.
  15. I did a mini valet on the interior, and I also found.......RUST!!!!!!...... I found a patch about an inch tall by about 3" wide, hiding behind the stainless sill plate on the passenger side(drivers to you lot,lol) on my T5-R!!!!
  16. Repainted my bonnet(hood?) as I was sick of looking at all the scratches and chips, also fitted the sparkplug cover that I painted and airbrushed. Also....... Replaced the battery after getting sick of it going flat everyday.....Here's hoping it was just the battery.