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  1. Long story short, I've recently purchased the attached. If the odometer is to be believed this only has <72k miles. I also owned a 1995 850 GLT when I was 19. That is still one of my most memorable cars. That one went well over 200k and was replaced with a 1996 850 that hit almost 300k. By all measures this a sleeper ready to awaken. I picked this up for a song and it's essentially optional transportation. Let's go hog wild and max this thing to all it's worth and then some. I'm planning on living out every wild ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD idea that ever popped into my not really old enough to be on my own head back then. Want to join me? This is a serious request for assistance, ideas, resources, and general internet criticism. The basic premise at this point is at least strip it to bare bones. Repaint it red and repair / complete the interior in black (etc). I know I'm looking at a B5254T so no real high hopes but want to play anyway.