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  1. I've been helping out my best friend's dad at the local dirt track in the 4-banger division, he's doing good in his Prelude. I was prepping a Saab I got for free for the division, but it would have been more expensive to finish the cage and whatnot so I got this instead. American Stocks is a very competitive division but it looks like more fun for me [i ran 4-bangers last year a few times in an Accord] Silver 244 should be on the track around the same time as the Camaro. I finally found a good job after being unemployed for almost a year
  2. It's good, straight, runs and is race ready. Gonna freshen it up and make it somewhat nice, hopefully be on the track in a month or two. Could not pass it up for $1500.
  3. Still keeping the F-250, I need it to haul the racecar around and for skate trips. I've put 10k on the truck on the freeway doing business trips since I got it, need something a little smoother and better on gas [even though for a giant truck 24'ish MPG is not too bad] and oil changes were getting expensive. The wagon is going to get a little bit of a makeover, nothing crazy. A little more black and a little less bling.
  4. I'm back in the [understeer, carbon fiber, pegs n hidz] game.....
  5. she's a 91' f-250, 7.3 idi w/ATS Turbo kit, 5spd, 2wd. $1200, year old clutch, new brakes/shocks/glow plugs and other stuff. Just need to fix a power steering leak and replace the injector return lines. Not bad for $1200 Should make a good hauler for the 244 and the SpecE36 car, as well as DD & Oregon skate trip machine :)
  6. I'm watching my puppy right now so I figured I'd take some pics. She is a 14 week old Labradoodle. Her name is Shelby She likes to run around like a banshee Lunge at you while taking pictures And even brake dance She is pretty good at being cute too
  7. Installed pics soon....did some other stuff today Converting the strut housings from lame one-piece units [have to pull the strut out to change a ball joint] to two piece, also going from a solid rotor setup to vented. Picked up the strut housings complete with fresh wheel bearings and barely used brake stuff [pads/rotors look fresh] for $20, and snagged some really nice hoses from the junkyard for the brakes too. The ones on there before were absolutely annihilated looking and leaking. Surprised this thing was able to come to a safe stop before.
  8. What is cocaine's use in a hospital? To numb certain areas? Or do they shove it up peoples noses? If you want a testimony about marijuana's effectiveness as a medicine you can ask resident badass Greg over on Turbobricks- he's been fighting off lung cancer for the past few months and he could tell you it helps quite a bit. Obviously he is undergoing a ton of other treatments and he is not doing it much but really it is thought provoking. I completely understand *smoking* anything is not good for you but really where has it been proven that using butter in various types of food/treats or THC pills[not marinol or cesamet] etc is actually bad for you?
  9. /thread? I thought I was banned too! Since I could not edit after making my post because I did not renew my subscription I was not able to fix an error I made after I had posted. Than I got banned. I could care less about the latter but I don't really feel the need to keep spending my money to have to correct myself. I do not know a ton on the subject of regulation, but with so many departments with their nose in it why would the government allow the FDA accept it's medical benefits when the DEA is trying to enforce it under a schedule II substance? It would contradict itself. Obviously it sets up a lot of problems with making it legal, as awesome as that would be. Also, don't take it too personal but your step cousin probably got started on vodka assuming he is from Russia and was only 20 when he first smoked pole. It's called having an addictive personality. I'm not saying it can't start with pole, but every person I know [2 friends from HS] that has spiraled down a path of hard drugs started with booze.
  10. You actually think the government would WASTE all that money on the war on drugs and than tell the FDA to put up on their website that it is a-okay?
  11. pole pole pole pole Smoke pole every day! dodge suspension? < not worried about getting suspended. Logged in for the first time in months today [i have been lurking though]
  12. How can you compare pot to steroids in this case Do you think Phelps was only able to win because he was high and promised himself a bag of Doritos when he was done kicking everyones ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD at swimming? +1 He's already a giant douche bag for getting behind the wheel of a car drunk. But had he not done that and had the media not capitalized on this situation I don't see how he is any less of a role model. He works hard at what he does and his results prove it. That is all kids need to know. Look at Babe Ruth for example. Womanizing alcoholic asshole. Everyone still loved him and looks up to him today. A swimmer that ropes it on occasion though? Oh what a terrible person. And in regards to "addiction", I have been smoking on and off since I was 16. Why on and off? Because I can control it. I quit for 2 years when I lived in Phoenix because I had alot more important stuff going on and both work and school tested. Not worth it. If car stuff is more important to me at the time, I'll stop to save money. I do it for months at a time sometime. This thread is dumb, but it makes me want to go smoke some pole. I think I will!
  13. SOI just rdrankm a wizards staff me adn my friend at party we drank beer adn we duct tape the firnishes ones to each other and ]the ines we drink adn I endued up yjiswith 18 bers